Black Belt Selling with Special Guest, Samantha Kelly

People buy from people. All sales boil down to this one principle. In the past, sales required meeting with customers face to face and building trust in person. There was no getting around it.  The internet and social media have changed that! 

Through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, we can share our products and services with people from the other side of world, yet never meet them in person. Technology has certainly changed the way we market our businesses. But it has not changed human behavior. People still buy from people they like and trust. So says our guest, Samantha Kelly, aka the Tweetinggoddess. Sam offers timely advice to entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses using social media. In this episode, you will hear:

how loneliness led to building an empire on Twitter

what to avoid when marketing on social media

how having NO MONEY can be an asset in marketing

and more!

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