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"A black belt is just a white belt that never gave up."

Anna Scheller

(Author, Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer)

I am a dynamic Keynote Speaker with a heart to help people create more sales. As an educator for over 20 years, I have the skills to provide learning in a fresh and engaging perspective.

I have a unique style that combines sales with training. As a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, I combine the black belt mindset with sales training to provide engaging and thought-provoking training.

Every month I lead a free sales training workshop and I attend regular keynote speaker events to help sales professionals expand their network and practice sales skills in a safe environment. My passion as a sales trainer is to empower people to elevate their results and realize their significant contribution to life. Among others, I have spoken to dealerships, financial institutions, as well as leadership classes for the local Chamber of Commerce. I am currently conducting sales training workshops for the Small Business Development Centre for Rio Grande College along the Texas-Mexico Border, as well as conducting webinars for clients all over the world. My passion is fueled by experiencing the change in my own businesses as a result of investment in professional sales training. In one year, I increased the revenues in my corporate housing business 50% and doubled the volume in my network marketing business. I am available for free motivational talks to any size organization.


I am married to Phillip, my husband of almost 35 years, and we have 7 (yes, you read that right!) children—Sarah, Stephanie, Caleb, Mark, Susannah, David and Danielle.


I started TaeKwonDo as a way of doing an activity with my kids. Now, as a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, I combine the black belt mindset as a sales trainer to provide engaging and thought-provoking training.


I am an active member of my local church in Del Rio, Texas. It is also where we hold the TaeKwonDo classes.


Helping out in the community is important to me. I have volunteered in the local Soup Kitchen on occasions and contribute where possible with local events.

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In 2013, I was a frustrated business owner who had a dream of financial and time freedom, yet found myself working harder than I ever had before. I worked out of my home, but had no time for my family. Nearly every waking moment, I was working at my computer or answering the phone. But I never seemed to get ahead. Just when I seemed to get a break, the market would shift, and I cowered in fear. I was afraid to talk to people, but I was also afraid of failing in business.

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