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Mastermind Groups

Ronan Leonard is passionate about helping small business who feel isolated by creating a Mastermind Group or "tribe". He believes that peer to peer connections is more valuable than paying external people to help you with your success.

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Goal Setting

S.M.A.R.T Goals Vs S.M.A.C.C Goals

Most of us are familiar with the S.M.A.R.T method when it comes to goal setting. SMART is an acronym as follows:

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Relevant

T - Timebound

The SMART way is a good recipe for achieving your goals but the S.M.A.C.C way is an improved method of goal setting. On today's episode of Black Belt Selling, I interview Stephanie Scheller on the topic of Goal Setting using the SMACC method.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

C - Compatible

C - Consistency (Executed with consistency)

Stephanie says that while the SMART method is for sure a good one, not all goals are necessarily timebound for us. There are goals that we want to accomplish but not necessarily by a particular date.

She says "The world is not going to end if you don't go on your dream vacation before the end of the year, you simply would like to do that at some point in your life".

On the other hand, some goals are timebound and they would be defined in the "Specific" and/or "Measurable" part.

Stephanie claims that with the SMACC method, so long as we put in the effort, we are guaranteed to fulfil our goals within a margin of error. This is due to the very important "C" (Consistency) part. When we execute with consistency we hold ourselves accountable to take action daily toward fulfilling our goals.

Goal Setting is a skill set we need to develop

Goal setting (and achieving goals) is something that we can get better at in time. It's much like when you go to the gym. There are guys at the gym lifting 100lb weights. Perhaps you can't even lift 20lbs so you start with 10lb weights. As you gain strength you progress to 20lbs, then 30, 40 and so on. The guys doing 100lbs started where you are at when they first joined the gym. It's very much the same thing when it comes to our goals.

Here are a few points you will hear in the podcast...

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible - Tony Robbins

  • If you don't reach your goal then you have not truly SMACCed it
  • Specific - Make your goals as specific as you can
  • Measurable - It gives you the ability to determine if you have been successful. It makes your goals black and white - there is no doubt whether you achieved it or not
  • Achievable - "Most people drastically overestimate what they can accomplish in 1 year and underestimate what they can accomplish in 10 years" - Tony Robbins. For example "I will do a $1M in sales next year" but you did $10K in sales last year! - not realistic
  • When we set ourselves up to fail then our brain starts to associate goal setting with failure. Then we avoid goal setting.
  • Better to miss a big goal by 1% than to hit a small goal 200% - big goals inspire us
  • Compatible - Your goals need to work together.
  • Are you going in too many different directions? Does focus on one goal pull you away from the focus on another? Perhaps you need to cut some goals out. What is most important?
  • Consistency - Are you willing to execute your goal consistently? If you are then you will always achieve your goal within a margin of error. If not - don't lie to yourself. Work on it every single day.

We know you will enjoy this week's podcast. For more on Stephanie, visit

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We wish you all the best in making your goals a reality. We believe in you. There is greatness in you!

Spiritual Selling with Joe Nunziata

Transform your Sales Career with Spiritual Selling Principles

In today's black Belt Selling Interview, Anna will host Joe Nunziata, he is a best selling author and a professional speaker. He's been doing conferences since 1992 and creating enlightening programs that have help lots of people over the years. Some of his books are:

• Chasing Your Life

• Karma Buster

Spiritual Selling

In the interview, we talk about one topic in particular which is "Spiritual Selling". Why is this important? Well, because in order to make permanent decisions, you will have to clear your negative energy first. This way, you'll not only follow an established process but you also will make a change in life.

On this podcast you'll find information regarding the following bullet points:

• Spiritual Selling

• If your energy is not aligned, you won't get where you want to go.

• How did Joe Nunziata decide that he wanted to do this for a living?

• Most people attack the effect and don't deal with the cause.

• People only try to get through the day or week. they are just "surviving".

• Why some people put a band-aid on a broken bone instead of healing it?

• It's not about just learning, it is about shifting the way you live.

• Feelings that hold people back

• Unresolved negative ego

• Recurring issues

• What is the “victim mentality"?

• How do you feel when you present your product?

These and other topics are discussed in today's black belt selling interview. Pay attention to all the details and learn why Joe Nunziata is the best one you can listen to about this topic.

Finally, Anna, Stephanie and Joe leave us with some incredible life lessons:

• Remember to always empower your people instead of hitting them with a stick until they bleed and can't do it anymore.

• The less I think, the more I do.

• The only thing standing between you and your success is you.


Sales Call Scripting - How and Why you should do it

In today's podcast, Anna and Stephanie are discussing a certain topic that some people are scared of or just won't use it: Scripting

Why so? Mostly because people think that scripting will make them sound robotic and boring, just as a waitress that has everything perfectly memorized but this couldn't be further from the truth. Scripting is actually very helpful and, contrary to what people think, it'll give you the chance to be creative on how you sell your product or service.

Therefore, in this podcast you'll listen to amazing content discussing the following points:

  • What is scripting?
  • Finding the words that work best for you
  • Why do some people write a very powerful script but end up not using it?
  • Scripting is organizing how we're leading people
  • We are used to not following a line or structure
  • Even if it wouldn't seem so, we crave predictability
  • Scripting allows constancy as well as creativity
  • Every successful person in sales uses a script, even if they say they don't
  • When a tennis player loses a match, they learn from it and move on. It's just the same with sales.
  • Scripting will kill excuses such as "I didn't know what to say"
  • Fear of scripting? We don't want to be unauthentic
  • NPL (Neuro-linguistic Programming) - Select words that generate what you're looking for

These all are important points that will help you understand why every salesperson should have a script. Of course, these key points will also help you to generate a great script in order for you to not sound robotic, repetitive and therefore, unauthentic at all. Also, don't think for a moment that if you use a script, you're going to be untruthful and manipulative as you will talk perfectly about your product or service. Remember, if you believe in what you're selling, then you're not being manipulative.

Finally, after listening to the podcast, you'll for sure always remember that scripting develops confidence and success.

Mark Hunter and Art Sobczak

Mark Hunter on High Profit Prospecting

In today's interview, they are going to discuss an important: Prospecting.

For this, there will be two guests that are professionals on the topic who have tried and tested these methods we are discussing in their respective areas of business.

The first guest is Mark Hunter, better known as the man who wrote the book "High Profit Prospecting", a very clear and useful guide on sales that should be a must in every salesman's library. Mark will tell us about the following points:

  • Why should you be so passionate about prospecting?
  • Most people don't stay in sales because of prospecting
  • Be aware of the big outcomes we provide people with
  • If you believe in what you're selling, then you'll want to get out and talk about it

Moving on to another really interesting topic, Mark will talk about some email marketing topics:

  • The biggest challenge when it comes to email prospecting
  • Subject lines of interest
  • We tend to think about prospecting from our own perspective
  • Prospecting is not talking about us

Master of Cold Calling - Art Sobczak

If that isn’t enough knowledge for one podcast, Anna will be hosting another guest: Art Sobczak, the master of cold calling. He'll cover the following points:

  • How to handle resistance
  • Most salespeople use bad messaging
  • We are going to get "No's" if we are playing
  • The process of sales calling
  • Smart Calling
  • The first 10 seconds of the call
  • Get them to talk and get to the Questioning Part

After listening to the whole podcast, we hope that your own sales will improve. We invite you to listen again and do not miss any of the points as the most important advice could be hiding between lines!

Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino

A Double Treat with Two Black Belt Selling Guests - Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino

In today's interview, we'll be able to listen to Anna talk with two professionals: Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino. They'll be discussing really interesting topics that you won't get to listen to every day as many of us didn't even know they were actually that important when talking about sales.  

The first interviewee is Nigel Green who has built his career on scaling sales teams, therefore, he's able to advise us on some sales listening topics we might have never thought of before. In summary, he will cover the following:

When we are selling, we tend to find a need for our product/service instead of listening what our customer problem is and how to solve it.

  • We tend to confuse "listening" with "giving our client space to speak".
  • A salesman usually is just waiting to attach the product to something that the client said.
  • How to know if you're actually listening? Rephrasing the statement.
  • Clients buy based on how the problem makes them feel.

Moving on to the next topic, the second interviewee is Anthony Iannarino, who will open a very interesting discussion about how misconceptions affect our ability to sale:

  • Lots of people think that a salesperson has to serve the client and nothing more.
  • Businessmen are giving you their time, you can't waste it all talking about your product.
  • Peer to peer? Yes, equal basis with our customers.
  • Higher price? Also yes, you are worth paying more for.

Finally, after listening to both interviews, we can say that there are at least 3 important factors we should pay attention to: 

Listen better, become an advisor instead of just a salesman and understand the value you add to the table. 

Anna invites you to listen again to any part of the podcast that resonated with you so you make sure you didn't miss a single detail!

John Dini talks about Exit Strategy

When you know nothing ever lasts forever - have your Exit Strategy

In today's Black Belt Selling interview with Anna and Stephanie, they interview John Dini, the Exit Strategy Expert. Get to know John as he will tell you how he ended up doing what he really wanted to do and to get profits out of it! Why is it helpful to have an exit strategy? Well, we as entrepreneurs must know that everything comes to an end so we should always know how to get profits when leaving our company to somebody else's hands.

• In this podcast, you'll find the following key points discussed by experienced experts:

• Who are we selling our product/service for?

• Understand who your competition is.

• Millenials, the generation we should sell to

• Why do boomers not pay attention to upcoming competitors?

• What do I need an exit strategy for?

Anna and Stephanie will tell you their favourite part of the interview as well as their personal thoughts about it. Anna gives some good advice which will be really helpful. One thing you should focus on more when you are starting a business, or even if you already have one, is that just because you love your product or service doesn't mean that everybody will love it as well.

Finally, talking about one of the most extreme exit strategies, we'll leave you with the question: What should your company be in order for someone to want to buy it?

Jenny Butler on Podcasting and Content Marketing

Jenny Butler loves Inbound Marketing, travelling and her dogs. She works at Hubspot which has been dominating the internet for years, it seems that every time you look something up on the internet, Hubspot will be there!

In this interview, Anna and Jenny discuss Content Marketing and Content Scaling with a very particular point of view that will for sure answer some of your everyday questions as well as motivate you to maybe even start your own podcast. How? Keep reading!

The interview starts by talking about the value of content marketing and why are you actually doing it? First of all, the content market starts with your very first words to your audience and keeps going even with the interaction that you have in your blog comment section. That is where you can even turn a blog into a podcast, maybe you'll connect with a professional in a particular topic that you can invite over and start a podcast!

It doesn't stop there, your content's value grows with time so you should be always reinvesting in it and reinventing it. This way your content marketing will reach levels that you would've never imagined. But remember, you must never underestimate a podcast. Maybe some people will tell you that they don't listen to podcasts anymore but you have to believe Jenny Butler when she says that there are people that like podcasts, therefore you'll have to focus on that niche instead of worrying about the 2 people on the supermarket line that said that the podcast era was over.

There is no such thing as a secret for podcasting, you'll just have to engage, bring quality and you'll be building rapport without bombarding your audience with useless content.

Moving on to the next topic, what about thought leadership?

Thought Leadership is the art of sharing your knowledge and what you are learning. If you are not sharing then you're cheating. It doesn't matter if you feel that you will never be like those leaders that appear on TV or Radio, you don't have to be precisely an extrovert and do massive talks. Remember, all the quality can get lost in the lack of confidence. You may know something that someone needs to hear!

People tend to underestimate the power of their voice. Podcasting is the opportunity for you to introduce the world to your actual voice. Do not only write about it, talk about it!

Finally, what can we say about the content market?

Firstly, it is a perfect representation of how sales have shifted over the years. It is a way of building relationships and to approach it we could either write or speak our voices out loud as podcasting is not even expensive. And last but not least, what can you take from Jenny? Well, according to Anna Scheller, the idea that you need to develop your voice, scale your content and get out there. Don't wait to be perfect, just do it!  

If you'd like to connect with Jenny Butler, follow and message her on twitter! @radiojbutler

Antartic Mike Part 2

Join Anna and Stephanie Scheller for their powerful interview conclusion with Mike Pierce. Otherwise known as Antarctic Mike who is known famously around the world as one of nine people to have run a marathon on the Antarctic continent and has written a book about his experience titled Leading At 90 Below Zero.

Public Speaking - The Number One Lead Generation Strategy used by Sales Masters

On this week's Black Belt Selling Episode, Anna and Stephanie talk about the number one lead generation strategy used by sales experts to generate more sales: Public Speaking.

More people would rather die than speak in public, yet it is a powerful tool that can change you from an average sales person to a sales superstar.

In this week's podcast, you will hear:

The special relationship you have with your audience when you speak

How public speaking multiplies your efforts

some simple ways to get started

and more!

If the thought of cold calling dries your throat, or you have run out of people to talk to, then listen to this episode. Let Anna and Stephanie help you position yourself as an expert through public speaking.

Don't forget, if you need one - one sales coaching, you can start with a free 30 minute consultation with Anna

7 Keys to You Must Cultivate to Become a Black Belt in Sales

7 Keys Sales People can Learn from Black Belt Martial Artists

Sales is an exhilarating, but brutal game that requires the traits and practices martial artists develop to become black belts. This may sound impossible, but the truth is, anyone can cultivate these keys to become a black belt in sales.

In today's episode, you will learn:

How a World War II airman used this trait to survive a Japanese concentration camp, and how you can do the same when sales is hard.

The one practice Olympians, black belts, and sales masters practice to achieve their goals.

This surprising quality that paves the way for closing more sales

and more!

Join us for today's episode of Black Belt Selling

Home Based Business Success - Matt Miller, Entrepreneur

Home Based Business Success - Matt Miller of School Spirit Vending gives us his Insight

Matt is a former United State Air Force pilot who later became a Corporate Sales Executive and Entrepreneur. After realizing that corporate America was not for him, he had a casual conversation between friends about gumball machines which turned into a 10 year business quest for that has brought about Matt’s company, School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries. Today, School Spirit Vending’s franchising program provides a proven and profitable business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income streams with a limited time commitment.

In this week's Podcast you will learn:

How Matt got started and how long did it take him to achieve his current success.

Some of the painful struggles Matt endured as he invested in his business.

Mistakes most new entrepreneurs make when they get started

Key points to keep in mind when you are working to create secondary income.

What it takes to make it as an entrepreneur.

This is a real story of a real person who struggled and overcame. Please join us for Matt's insightful story and the lessons he learned.

Be Social, Be Valuable, Build Relationships – Alan Hennessy, Kompass Media – Part 2

Social Media Management - The Right Way

In our second interview with Alan Hennessy from Kompass Media we discuss further the power of Social Media Management for your business. In this Age of Information and with most of your customers and staff on Social Media, you need to be in the thick of it! Promote what you do but in an informative and helpful way and in a way that gets people talking about you in a positive light. The idea of Social Media for business is that you can increase your sales through ENGAGEMENT.

The biggest problem with Social Media Management today from a business standpoint is that people underestimate the power of it. The second problem is that people think it’s easy and that for example their 15-year-old son who uses Social Media everyday can run the family business Social Media in the same manner. There is a science method, a right way and a wrong way when it comes to successful and fruitful Social Media Management. Our guest, Alan Hennessey, can help and guide you to do just that.

Alan is the Head of Digital at Kompass Media, He is a Social Media Lecturer and Trainer, over 10 years experience in Digital Marketing, and has worked in association with various government initiatives in providing consultancy and strategies on social media.

In this Podcast (Part 2 of a 2 part interview), you will learn.

Alan’s greatest success story with a Restaurant in Ireland

Why you should get all your Staff involved in your Social Media outreach

What is Disruptive Imagery and why you should use it

How to build trust and brand advocacy

Timing – When to post and how to post

And more!

To get in touch with Alan, go to his website:

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Be Social - Alan Hennessey - Kompass Media

How to Utilize Social Media to Grow your Business

Sales is a case of psychology. It’s not enough to have a product or service. You must know how to provide value to your customers where they spend their time to offer the solution they need. In this age of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others,  you might be tempted to start posting everywhere, but get nowhere at the same time. How do you target the right people on the right platform to help your customer find you? Our guest, Alan Hennessey, can help you do just that.

Alan is the Head of Digital at Kompass Media, He is a Social Media Lecturer and Trainer, he has over 10 years experience in Digital Marketing, and has worked in association with various government initiatives in providing consultancy and strategies on social media.

In this podcast interview, you will hear.

How to get into the heart and mind of your customer.

The common mistake most people make when promoting their business on social media.

What Alan did to get his foot in the door to sell to his customers.  

And more!

To get in touch with Alan, go to his website:

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Digital Presence with Elaine Lindsay, Trool Social

To be seen online, keep branding uppermost in mind. Elaine Lindsay, Troolmedia

Digital presence is a must in today’s selling environment. It can be as confusing, as it is important! There is so much to learn and do, and that is why our guest, Elaine Lindsay, can help you!

In this Podcast, you will hear...

A new way to look at social media

The surprising platform that gets indexed first

What a farrier can teach us about social media

How to rock your images online to send people to you!

And more!

To contact Elaine, go to her website:

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Smile While You Dial - Telesales is still Productive Today

More sales are made via Telesales than any other medium

What is the biggest mistake made by reps who are giving up on a lead? Not EVER calling or keeping in touch. ~ Art Sobczak

Do you break out in a sweat when you reach for the receiver? Are you afraid to talk to prospects over the phone? If so, you are not alone! Today’s episode will help you overcome your fear of Telesales.

Telesales is NOT dead! In the age of social media, email and internet marketing, people have become more and more reluctant to pick up the phone. We cling to messages like “Cold calling is dead”, and look to other means to close the sale. But the truth is, more sales are made over the phone than any other medium. And Stephanie and Anna share facts to dispel the myths surrounding phone calling.

In this podcast, you will hear:

Four keys to phone calling success

How to raise your energy before the phone call

What small steps lead to the bigger commitments

We’d love to hear your take on phone calling. What are your successes? What are your failures? How will you change your phone calling habit?

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If it is not fun, it is not selling! - Sales Management Guru Ken Thoreson

Hear From Sales Management Guru - Ken Thoreson who has one of the Top Ten Sales Blogs in the United States

Vision, passion, execution. These three key qualities will help you realize your sales goals. More importantly, they will make your sales fun, and don’t you want to have fun? Our guest, Ken Thoreson, shares his magic formulas for creating sales greatness in your organization.

As a speaker, Ken energizes audiences and recharges their personal commitment to professional excellence to help drive personal and organizational change and growth. In addition to the 4 books based on his Sales Management Guru series, and Success Simplified, co-authored with Stephen Covey, He has been a columnist for Redmond Channel Partner Magazine, a publication for Microsoft channel partners. Ken’s blog has been rated in the top 10 sales blogs in the United States

In this Podcast episode, you will learn.

The greatest challenges that became opportunities.

An important network you need to create

The difference between high performing sales organizations and everybody else

And more!

To learn more about Ken’s 8-week sales manager training, go to

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Wear Confidence Like a Shield of Invincibility - Garth Delikan

Confidence is the Greatest thing you'll ever have in your Business and in your Life

Confidence is the greatest thing you’ll ever have. You wear it like a shield of invincibility. When you project confidence, nothing bad ever comes back to you. ~ Garth Delikan

Have you heard the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? What would you do if you found that your business partner bankrupted your business and your spouse called to tell you she wants a divorce? All in the same day! Would you quit? Would you start to rebuild?  

Using black belt principles, our guest, Garth Delikan, chose to get back in the game, and rebuild his life. He shares his story, as well as important insights that you can use to be successful in business.

Garth Delikan is The Lifestyle Guy, the UK’s leading lifestyle expert. He can help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and feel 20 years younger in only 20 minutes a day!

In this podcast, you will hear.

How audacity and confidence helped him create, then recreate his life after that devastating day.

The missing piece that you need for creative visualization to work.

The three mirrors to help you get unstuck (are these three keeping you from closing more sales?)

Why he doesn't need to worry about competition, and how you  don’t need to either!

And more!

To take advantage of Garth’s offer, go to

Purchase his book,The 20's Plenty Plan

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Rick Cooper on the Power of Live-streaming for Social Media

Add Live-streaming to your Online Marketing Plan

“Live-streaming video is important because this is where marketing is going. Video gives a way for people to be entertained and educated.” Rick Cooper. Social Media Expert

Live-streaming is not new. Before the days of Periscope and Facebook Live, Loral Langmeier and other renowned speakers connected with their followers using such platforms. Too costly for the average small business owner, these platforms were only used by businesses with huge budgets and audiences. Social media live-streaming has changed all that, enabling the average person to share their knowledge and create engagement for free!  

Our guest, Social Media expert, Rick Cooper, shares tips and insights about this powerful marketing tool that can help you capture more leads from your social media profiles using livestream video.

In this Podcast episode, you will hear...

Why you ought to be livestreaming (Your competitors are!)

Initial steps to get you started

How to get people to show up on your broadcasts

Your role as a broadcaster (listen for this unusual tip toward the end of the broadcast)

And more!

Rick is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. He works with small business owners who want to generate more leads online and increase sales on the internet.  Specializing in working with Coaches, Speakers, and Experts, Rick helps them leverage their expertise to attract clients online. He has provided marketing consulting and support to some of the top speakers in the world, including Eric Lofholm and Loral Langmeier. His knowledge will help any company of any size to leverage the power of social media to reach more of your ideal clients.

To take advantage of Rick’s offer, email Rick at and request the Livestream Video Planning Template.  

You can also visit Rick by going to his website at or follow him on Twitter at  

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Interviewing the Interviewers - Business Radio X

“We let business owners tell the good stories" - Lee Kantor & Stone Payton, Business Radio X

“Hey, you are an amazing business owner. Can I interview you?” Would you say yes to this invitation? Radio interviews create authority and give business owners a platform to tell their own story. And our guests, Stone Payton and Lee Kantor, do that very thing through their radio show, Business Radio X

Stone and Lee amplify the voice of business in the markets they serve. They serve the Fortune 500,000, not just the Fortune 500, helping local business and professional associations get the word out about the important work they’re doing to serve their market, profession, and community.

In this episode, you will hear.

Best advice for business owners (based on interviewing hundreds of business owners)

The unlikely reason Lee started interviewing people (Hint: a weakness can become your business!)

How business stereotypes hinder small business development and how Lee and Stone help change that.  

Resources they recommend for hungry business owners

And more!

To be interviewed on Business Radio X or get information about becoming a Studio Partner , go to or contact Stone

Cell phone: 770-335-2050


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Shorten Sales Cycles and Increase Close Ratios - Tibor Shanto

As a seller, you need to translate the question “What do you sell?” to “What are they looking to achieve?” The answer has to be driven by the outcomes they are looking for. How will their world be different after they buy from you? Tibor Shanto

Often in sales, we wait for events to trigger a need in our prospective customer in order to approach that person for a sale. But did you know that a small shift in your approach can create the trigger for your customer to buy? As Tibor says, “Nobody budgets for pain.” But they do budget for achieving their goals! If you want to close more sales, you must listen to today’s episode with Tibor Shanto of Renbor Sales Solutions.

Tibor Shanto is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales, Tibor has developed an insider’s hands on perspective of successful sales execution. Called a brilliant sales tactician Tibor shows organizations and sales professionals how to leverage their sales process to shorten sales cycles and increase close ratios.

Covered in this week's Podcast...

How losing in the stock market led to a career in sales.

The difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (Did you know that satisfied customers will switch brands?)  

What focus can help you reach out to a satisfied customer and make a sale!  

Unique approaches to your ideal customer to get ahead of the sales crowd!

And more!

To get in touch with Tibor, you can call him at 855.25.SALES or email him at

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