GROW 2020 Interview: Dana Pharant

GROW 2020 Interview: Dana Pharant

Our very special guest today is Dana Pharant. Dana combines her 20 plus years experience in the wellness and stress management field along with building a seven figure business. She is the leading authority at teaching her audiences, health habits, mindset strategies and authentic presence so they can tap into their inner power to be top performers in their field. She's also a two times best-selling author.

Dana's brand is "brilliance with a dash of cray cray".

Dana has been transitioning into coaching with helping people throughout the years but just hadn't been charging for it as coaching on its own. When she hit a really big roadblock in 2012, she went through a massive restructuring with her seven figure business and they had to lay everybody off. It went down to just her and she really took it right back to the bare bones and built it back up again so that she could sell it. That restructuring was critical for her to be able to take stock and see what actually went wrong? Beyond the tactical things, what actually went wrong? And this is where she really just started to look at the fact that while she had great customer service and clients coming in from referrals, there were still some pieces of leadership. She had all of these strong leadership skills in her personal life, she was a dominatrix in her personal life and had all of her strength there. So this is the crazy. She wasn't bringing that into her business. And when she started to pull that in, when she did the restructuring, that's when she was able to do a massive turnaround and really see how these skills, the mindset and the energy of the dominatrix are so vital for anyone in business.

"What's the root cause? I don't care about dealing with symptoms. I want to get down to what is the core issue, what is the core problem? What's really causing the problems so that we can fix it on a permanent level."

How do you handle difficult conversations?

The handling of difficult conversations is something that all of us have to do in our businesses, in our day-to-day life. And you know, whether you handle it well or you don't can be a real turning point of the success of your business. So day to day when you're dealing with your employees, the people who are on your team, that ability to have the conversation that most needs to be had and handle it in a way that both of you come away feeling empowered, feeling lifted up is a way to actually propel your business forward. And same thing with having difficult conversations with suppliers or, maybe the haters who are coming out and saying nasty things. We have to handle situations all the time. So getting to this place where we can handle them with some grace and some ease is vital.

That piece of, "well I don't want them to think badly of me. I want to be nice. I want everybody to like me". These are all pervasive patterns that get in our head, but that actually prevent our business from moving forward. So when we change the mindset, when we change what's actually going on behind the scenes, then you can come to that conversation in a way that it's just factual.

I have to pave the way. I have to be a trailblazer.

What Dana sees for a lot of people is they get caught up on the money aspect of something. We don't want to say anything because then it's going to cost money or whatever and we get caught up on that and or, we don't want to cut them off of income and it becomes about making the money the priority as opposed to being able to pull back and see the bigger picture as it is. What if you firing that employee or firing that supplier is the gift that they need to be able to move in the direction that they most need to move in? What is the gift that you need to step into that place of holding your power the way you need to hold it. It's this bigger picture where no matter what happens in our lives, it is for the greater good. It is moving everyone. Even if it feels awful in the moment, it still is moving you forward.

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One of the things Dana really wants to drive home at Immersion 2020 is this piece of how do we get into the state that we need to in order to be able to have these difficult conversations? She is going to pull in different tools to really lock it in. How do you get out of your monkey mind? How do you drop into this place of knowing that it's in their best interest and your best interests? Even though it feels awkward, even though it feels uncomfortable? She has lots of fun tools and techniques that she's going to dive into to make it easier to have these conversations that really need to be had. This as a huge piece that will propel a business forward if you are willing to have the conversations that you most need to have. Have them now and not 10 years from now or not waiting until the whole thing falls apart.