A Valuable Asset to your Business Book Collection - Closing with Confidence

If you’re in sales, you may be very successful. Or maybe not. The truth is all of us, at one time or another, struggle in sales. Sales is a noble profession, and, like it or not, everyone, in one way or another, is in the business of sales. Black Belt Selling - Closing with Confidence by Anna Scheller is a "must have" business book for any business man or woman who needs more leads and sales.
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My daughter, Stephanie Scheller-Dupre, and I host a podcast on Blog Talk Radio called Black Belt Selling. In this short business book, I share the first guest interview we did with master sales trainer, Eric Lofholm. Contrary to popular belief, Eric didn’t start his sales career at the top of the heap. Instead, he was on the brink of losing his first sales job because he did not meet quota 2 months in a row. In the interview, he shares his story of going from worst to first in just 60 days by getting professional sales training.

In this short business book from Black Belt Selling, you will find inspiration. You will discover how your own resistance to sales is hindering you and how you can create new meaning around selling for yourself. You will learn about a powerful tool you can use right away to build your confidence so you will know what to say when you are with a prospect. You will discover how sales process can help you close more sales. At the end are some exercises and exclusive bonuses for the reader that you will not want to miss.

Anna is a heart centered, fantastic trainer! She’s tough like a 3rd degree Black Belt, and nurturing and warm with a wonderful way about her. Sellers grow and improve under her wing!

Great job;)

Melanie Lane

What a wonderful bite sized inspiration for anyone in business. My big take-away was that we are all selling whatever our business and this book gives some clear guidelines to ensure that you close those sales. I am inspired to look into sales training.

Kerry Manning

Love how Anna describes sales as "getting in harmony" because that's it in a nutshell, we have to focus on ourselves & dedicate ourselves to finding that harmony where sales comes easy!
Love it!


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Business Book "Must Have" in your Library by Anna Scheller


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The business of sales is one of the most rewarding, and most challenging there is. The thrill of closing a sale can’t be beat! The difficulty lies in making that thrill happen more consistently. Discipline and training make this happen. How did I discover this? When I started black belt training! You will learn the power of sales mastery from the lessons I learned as a black belt in the martial arts.

In this course, you will:

• Develop the core trait that separates black belts from casual students
• Learn techniques to discipline your mind so you can close more sales
• Begin to develop routines that support your goals.
• And more


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