Shifting marketing trends that will make or break your business.

Why is video a shifting marketing trend?

For the longest time in order to run a successful business you needed a product, a business way to deliver and you needed an ad. Video has been very effective for marketing for a long time, one of the reason why it’s such a powerful medium is because we are still very visual and it allows us to really connect. The audience that we pick up thru video is much more committed than the ones that you’re going to get thru social media, they get to know you personally, so I think that’s why we’re all looking for that personal connection, that’s why video is so important.

If you’re not getting into the video marketing game you are going to stay behind or become obsolete, people are not even going to know you because video is so accessible and you don’t have to be perfect. The best way to put yourself out there is thru video, use it to tell stories. It’s all about innovation but what we tend to do is say “That worked for me before, so why shouldn’t it work for me now?”. You can’t rely on what’s worked in the past, if it’s effective then that’s fine but you can’t continue using what’s worked in the past and call it good and expect it to take you into the future.

The people who see you in video are the ones that become the biggest fans, it almost gives you a celebrity status. People can connect with you in a more intimate manner, they’re really getting to see you the way you are.

Consider that 93% of our communication is non-verbal and you’re trying to rely on blog posts and maybe radio ads, by not connecting thru video you’re really missing out on the chance to connect with you on a personal level, it makes sales so much easier if they feel like they’ve personally connected with you and that’s the key.

We work very hard on this podcast not to be very promotion driven because we want to provide lots of value, we also want to find the problems and challenges so we can address them so that this podcast and video can be valuable to you.

Video is the premiere way to get people to interact with you, to get people to really going to begin to trust you because they’re going to see you and they can also interact with you, it’s not a live stream but people can comment. With videos you have to be smart about the order of your content and they have to be fairly concise because if it’s not you can lose audience. It takes some planning to prepare what you’re going to say.

There was one video we had that had 71 downloads in 24 hours, it took time to prepare but those 71 downloads now created 71 times more reach, you might think it’s time consuming because you need to be out there talking to people, well you are! You’re talking to the people you’re trying to reach, look into the camera and talk to the person who you want to talk to like this wonderful business person that’s listening right now and is now saying “I never realized how important video was”, don’t leave it for “later”, block it into your week, make it an important part of your marketing strategy.

Plan your video recording and create an outline to avoid rambling too much, when live streaming became popular a few years back people would just start talking on video without person and being a busy person I’d stop watching, and if the people you’re reaching are busy people you have to honor their time, their commitment and their attention, and you want to provide value.

Are blogging and video incompatible? Will video replace blogging?

They are different, there’s a time and place for reading as well as for watching a video. There are videos that are also accompanied by a transcript or an article version of it. The video becomes a good starting point for getting content out as well as for graphics, blogs and all the other pieces, so it all comes together and it creates more leverage and more action.

We’re not growing out of the need for paper or reading, I have the paper, the Kindle and the audio versions of the book because they all serve different purposes. We still need to have a mixture of media.

From a strategic point of view we need to realize that while video is very important and it’s a key way to connect and engage with your ideal client you need to be involved with other forms of media, things like blogging or a book. Your ideal client isn’t only video oriented.

Video is a key part of your marketing strategy but it is not the only thing you have to do for marketing. It’s very valuable and it has to be a piece of a very solid marketing campaign to help take it to the next level.

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