Life Skills for Success in Business and Sales

Life Skills for Success with Interviewee Stephen Warley

In today's episode of Black Belt Selling, Stephanie Scheller interviews Stephen Warley - a self-employment and self-management coach on the topic of: Life Skills for Success in Business and Sales. Steven Warley's mission and that of his company "Life Skills That Matter" is:

To relieve people of their work anxieties by empowering them to design their own work.

Stephen Warley - Life Skills for Success in Business and Sales

During the interview he tells us:

There is a much larger population of people who can work for themselves but they are limited by the belief that only special people who are born with these life skills can do it. However, life skills CAN be taught.

He goes on to say:

The best way to teach people about business and sales is to teach them about life skills for success first

‍The most important life still is self-awareness. We need to track ourselves and learn from the data. We need to stop everything we do at least once a week for reflection and course correction.

The Sales Process of the Top Performers

1. They do their homework - Who am I trying to reach and why? How are they feeling? Where can I find this information? Who can I talk to? Understand their problem better than they can.

2. They are constantly reaching out - This means different things to different people. What is your communication habits? Do you like to talk a lot, are you more of a listener? Are you online or offline?

Learn how to design sales in a way that will work for you. You will have your own version of communicating with others and solving their problems even if you are an introvert, you can fashion how you are going to reach out to the world.

These are not "To Do" list items, these are habits we need to create.

‍A 3 Step Formula

  • See it
  • Have the confidence to fix it
  • Make it a habit

Here are some more snippets from the interview in no particular order

  • The 20th Century selling method of  "selling ice to Eskimos" anymore - If it's not working, move on.
  • Understand yourself and then create that alignment
  • Sales is like dating - you can't date everybody, you have to find the people who "get you"
  • Life skills are timeless
  • Learn how to manage yourself and manage your relationships with other people
  • EVERYBODY is in sales whether they know it or not. Every time you negotiate with someone - even if it is what restaurant to eat in - you're selling
  • Are there a limited number of jobs in the world? You may think there is a limit. How many problems are there in the world? Most people would say an unlimited number of problems. If there are unlimited needs met then there are an unlimited number of jobs and opportunities out there
  • The beginning of the sales process is more important than the end
  • Sales come in the end because of work put in first.
  • When sales are going well, that is the time to work harder
  • When things are going well people will sense your confidence and enthusiasm
  • When you are desperate for a sale, people sense that too no matter how hard you try to mask it
  • They are buying you, your product and your enthusiasm for their mission
  • If you are not enthusiastic about their mission they will smell it. Move one, find someone you are in alignment with

We strongly urge you to listen to the whole business podcast. Stephen Warley has very important points that can help you improve your life skills for success. If you like what you hear, you should check out his website lifeskillsthatmatter.com

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