Anna and Stephanie Scheller, Leverage

What are the most powerful things we can help people with when it comes to growing their business?

How do you get more bank for your buck. How do you get more done in the same number of hours in a day and how do you extend your reach.

What are some ways that people can leverage?

Leverage is like having a stick wanting to move a giant boulder. Depending on where I put this fulcrum will determine on how easily the giant boulder can be moved. However, you have to step on the stick and that’s what people forget. You have to put the work in to keep the leverage moving once it’s been set up.

The POI concept (People Of Influence)

This is a massive point of leverage, the key here is there has to be a reason for them to want to work with you.

Find joint venture partners, these are people that can extend your reach. People that you are complimentary to. I currently work with someone who does hotels, I have no interest in hotels for several reasons, however some of his clients are looking for apartments and I work in the housing business. He is all over the country, so I’ve extended my reach beyond a small market that only has so much power in it. There is a key to a POI, it can be just about anybody, but a lot of us fall short in that we really don’t know who we really want to reach.

Keep in mind that when you’re talking to an influencer you’re talking to somebody who has worked hard to get to where they are, be very respectful of that, that is one of the big keys, and also make it worth their time. POI’s are people that not only can help me, but I want to be able to help them. And in this particular case, this gentleman is interested in attending the retreat. He was very intrigued with the idea and he’s excited about learning more.

They key to everything in sales is that you have to build relationships.

You have to build a team.

Only in the last year have we been able to really leverage on each other (Anna and Stephanie) making it the most effective year extending each other’s reach. We’re beginning to understand what our limits and strengths are.

The concept of building a team is very overlooked in creating leverage. It is important to go far with people because this year I (Stephanie) reached a point where I could not do it all alone. The point is, you can start building a team now, or you have the option of waiting until you’re flat on your back, trying to figure out what you’re going to do to get your business moving again because you have worn your body out, broken your body down and you literally cannot do it anymore. Two options, take your pick.

I (Anna) enjoy social media, I’m a big Twitter chat person, I enjoy them very much, but for a lot of the tweeting that I do I actually have a team that does that tweeting for me. The things that I am not that involved in they can do for me, they know me well enough that they can now speak in my voice. I know sometimes money is tight, but you’ve got to look at it by letting somebody else help you, even if it’s just maybe four hours a week, you have a lot of power in those four hours a week.

How to leverage your time using software.

One piece of software we’ve been using a lot lately is a program called “Loom”, it helps record screen activity, I use it to record what I need to let the team know. When I hit “Stop” it generates a link and I send it to the team, easy as that. It’s a great way of doing something once and then reproduce it.

Meetingbird is another great piece of software you can use, especially when you’re trying to setup appointments with people, because you can give them a variety of times to choose from, or whatever works or doesn’t work.

If you’re not using a CRM you really need to go out there and get one, there are more than a few out there, I use HubSpot, which has a capacity of generating very detailed reporting which can make it a bit intimidating and annoying for people. There are other options like “Less Annoying CRM”, which is for smaller groups of people.

This is about helping you make more sales, it’s about you becoming more efficient so that you can choose your lifestyle, you’re not a slave to your business, and that’s what leverage is really about. All of this takes time, but the reason it’s beneficial is because the time spent on it is going to yield much bigger results.

It takes EFFORT: Earned Freedom For Overcoming Real Tempests.

When you put the effort in you earn the freedom to have the life you want for yourself. Is your life worth the effort it’ll take to make it great?

“By yourself you can go fast, but with others you can go far”
- African proverb

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