Eukairia: The Fitting Time and the Perfect Opportunity.


Eukairia is the Greek noun for the fitting time or the perfect opportunity. It’s often used in reference to the harvest. You’re looking for that perfect opportunity to harvest, so take it and start applying it. Every single business exists because of a Eukairia moment, it exists because of some point and time, because someone looked around and said “there is an intersection between what the market needs, my skillset and my passion. They meet here and I’m going to make a business, grow a business out of this”.

What makes the difference in a lot of businesses is the additional Eukairia moments they find along the way, that moment in which you have a “eureka” moment of “Oh my gosh! This is what I need to do next”.

What can be the tiny adjustment that can actually really take my business thru the stratosphere?

There comes a moment when you hit that opportune time for your customer when you’re there at the right moment, at the right time and you have the solution they’re looking for.

Sometimes it just takes a tiny tweak, as you advance the small things are what give you the big results. It’s the small refinements that we make that have the most impact, it’s the fine tune things that make the biggest difference.

Eukairia is the culmination of work, practice and mastery in your business, if today doesn’t seem like that Eukairia moment, don’t sweat it, just keep doing what you’re doing and as long as it’s getting the results you’re looking for that fitting opportunity will come.

The thing to understand about Eukairia, whether it’s about your business or your sales, you have to realize you have to put in the work ahead of time in order to be ready at that moment because what if the farmer doesn’t plant the seed?, what if he doesn’t irrigate the crop?, their Eukairia will never be there because there’s preparation that goes into that fitting opportunity.

So many sales get lost because you talked thru the moment of close or get lost because you closed to early and that person did not have the information to know what questions to ask you, and you have to get the training and the experience to learn what the best moment to harvest the crop is.

What can you be doing to prepare for your Eukairia?

There’s two pieces to this, there’s the learning side and the actual doing. One of the big keys is to have a guide, a mentor, have someone to go to, someone to look up to. Having a mentor makes a huge difference, even if it’s someone you don’t talk to.

Another key aspect is having systems. There are four stages, there’s the “doing” stage, the “deciding” stage, the “delegating” stage and the “designing” stage.

If you don’t have those processes in place and you have a tremendous opportunity and you can’t take advantage of it, it’s because you simply don’t have the infrastructure to service your clients the way you want.

One of the perks of taking time to figure out your stories in advance is that it allows you to focus on the sales process, if you’re trying to remember what to say then you’re not really focused on the client, you’re not focused on closing the deal and that’s huge. Having those systems for your business and your sales allows you to then focus on somebody else and on the things that will create that exponential growth in your business and that is vastly understated and massively important.

Make sure that you work every day for that Eukairia moment, they exist all over the place, there will always be that perfect opportunity to take advantage of, and the beautiful thing is that the more you look for these, the more you’ll be able to differentiate between the perfect opportunity and the opportunity, because there is a difference, not every opportunity that comes your way is a perfect opportunity and not every opportunity needs to be jumped at because they sometimes pull you away from the larger goal, but be watching out for them, otherwise you won’t see them.