Podcast about Podcasting

This is a Podcast about Podcasting and we interview the best man to talk about it - Rob Greenlee

In today's Black Belt Selling episode, it is a podcast about podcasting. We interview Rob Greenlee - Head of Partnerships at Voxnest. Voxnest provides podcasters with business solutions for their broadcasting needs. Whether you’re looking to distribute, monetize, analyze or manage your podcast’s administration, they have it all.

rob greenlee

Rob Greenlee is the former founder and lead host of WebTalk World Radio Show and Zune Insider podcast. He clearly knows a lot about Podcasting and has done for many years now. He also works for spreaker.com as Head of Podcast Content.

Rob along with his company Voxnest help people to develop a career in Podcasting and they work with media companies to help develop their programs.

Here are some notes we took during the podcast about podcasting interview but we encourage you to listen to the podcast itself so that you get all the information in its context.

What is Podcasting?

Episodic series of digital or audio files which a listener or user can download and listen to.

Podcasting and its current state

  • Half million of shows have been created globally in this medium; half of which is currently active today and produced by the United States in terms of global expansion, but also within Europe, Australia and other countries around the world.
  • There is also a life in other countries in terms of Podcasting and more people are embracing this kind of medium and producing content for their local countries.
  • Podcasting today is evolving and permeating to other media types.
  • Podcasting is also produced in TV shows, stories in movies.

Before now, Podcasting had slightly less attention and was put in the backseat due to social media attention, but later on due to the violation of trust and experiences in privacy issues on social media, many are using Podcasting now because it is a safer medium and people are putting more energy into creating content via a podcast.

Now, there is a new evolution of listening experiences. Example: dash ports in cars for podcast listening, smart speakers etc.

Advantages of Podcasting

  • Podcasting platforms is a great way to meet a lot people and interview people from across the world and be part of one show.
  • It’s a great contributor for advertising trends and is inexpensive.
  • You can make money from Podcasting.
  • Helps Hosts of the program make money from the show by endorsement and get paid (example: like radio Ad endorsement).
  • Building relationships with people.

Three Trends in Podcasting

  • Dynamic Ads – preformed ads adapted by advertising agencies.
  • Host Endorsement
  • Crowdfunding  

How to start a Podcast

  • Set your goals and what your accomplishments will be by having a podcast.
  • Know what you want to start doing and what you want to bring focus on.
  • Know what show or ads you want to build. If it is selling, advertising, consultancy etc.
  • Know your listeners.
  • Know what the listener wants
  • Build relationships with people

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