Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Become a better salesperson by selling with emotional intelligence

Black Belt Selling weekly Business Podcast
Black Belt Selling with Anna and Stephanie Scheller

In today's podcast, Anna and Stephanie Scheller discuss the topic of selling with emotional intelligence. Emotional selling will definitely get you more deals if you can improve this area of your selling skills.

Emotional Selling is totally applicable to business to business sales

There are 2 kinds of sales B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). While it's immediately logical to assume that B2C emotional selling is useful, when it comes to B2B sales we tend to think that emotion is not relevant and that it's more about figures, profits and spreadsheets.

48% of people in a B2B environment may want to buy but they are afraid of risk
74% will see the value but will not move forward because they are afraid

So there you have it - the feeling of fear is an emotion!

Business Value vs Personal Value

There are 2 kinds of value that people perceive - Business value and Personal value. Business value is more logical and rational. Personal value is more emotional. Our presentations will have twice as much impact on someone who perceives personal value even if this is in a B2B environment.

When Money is the issue of the sale

Once people perceive personal value, they are 68% more likely to purchase at a higher price because they see the value. It's the value they are looking for that counts and not the value that we think they need. When there is not the emotion or value then money becomes an issue and a talking point. If you tend to offer discounts a lot, this could be an indication that you need to be selling with emotional intelligence.

The key is to listen and to interpret not only the surface level stuff but connect on the subconscious level.

  • If we are talking, we are not selling
  • Only by listening can we find out what their needs are
  • Don't get so caught up in your script that you fail to listen and respond accordingly
  • Know the right time to close. Don't close before the relationship is ready
  • Sales is a tough job, learn to connect emotionally with people to be more successful

Hit that play button and listen to Anna and Stephanie on this week's Black Belt Selling Business Podcast as they discuss emotional intelligence in selling. For more great selling tips, join them n their Facebook Group. If you would like some 1 to 1 sales training then book a consultation with Anna.