Black Belt Selling: Retiring the Inner Critic

When it comes to success, we are often our own worst enemy. Calling on a new prospect we hear the little voice that says, "They don't want to hear what you have to say!" Or perhaps we are excited about a new project for our business, but we hear the voice say, "You can't do that! What if you fail?" And we listen to the voice, and give in, defeated before we have even started! If that has ever happened to you, you will love what our guest, Nanci Adair, the UKanDu coach has to share on today's episode of Black Belt Selling.

Nanci has been coaching coaches and creatives from around the globe to get big dreams off the back burner. If you are ready for a ‘no excuses’ coach, Nanci may be a good fit for you.The reality that wishful thinking is not enough propelled Nanci to study psychology, coaching and ministry. The power of imagination when backed up with ‘feet on the ground’ strategies can shape reality. In her book, "Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams", and on UKandu radio Nanci shares proven techniques to help you create your vision of success and harness the power to manifest your dreams.

In this episode, Nanci shares the most powerful ways to silence the inner critic, the purpose of the critic, and how to make the critic your ally instead of your enemy.

Nanci makes a very special offer, so be sure to listen at the end of today's episode.