Black Belt Selling: Smart Calling with Art Sobczak

Cold calling is not dead! Contrary to popular belief, business by phone is the number one way to reach prospects and close more sales. That's not to say that just picking up a phone book and dialing is the best investment of your time, either. But there is a SMART way to call that will pay dividends on your time.

Our guest is Art Sobczak, author of the book, How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call".As the President of Business By Phone Inc,. Art specializes in one area only: authoring  designing and delivering content-rich training programs and resources that business-to-business salespeople--both inside and out--who begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone.

In today's episode you will hear:

  • myths you've bought into that detract from your phone presence
  • what SmartCalling is and how it breeds success
  • how we kill the call in the first 10 seconds and what to do differently
  • the greatest 2-letter question you will ever ask
  • and more 

You will love Art's down-t-earth- entertaining style as we discuss how you can power up your sales by picking up the receiver.