Black Belt Selling with Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic

What is a heretic? According to Webster's Dictionary, a  heretic  one that dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine; innovator, nonconformist. Traditional sales "doctrine" does not equip sales people to sell to the 21st Century buyer. Even worse, it can create resistance in seller and buyer alike! Our guest, Don Cooper, shares his perspective that challenges the status quo in selling.

Don has been in sales since he was 7 years old, going door to door selling seeds, greeting cards and candy. His last “real job” was with a Washington, D.C. delivery company that, under his leadership, grew by an average of 38% a year. Not only is he a great sales trainer, but  Don  also has 2nd degree Black Belt in Aikido.  In this episode, you will hear:

Sales lets you get the money you want to get the things you want.

Why women have more trouble than men in sales (Yep, it’s all in our minds)

How harmonizing with the customer lends itself to more sales (even when they are wrong.)

The virtue of sellingWhat the movie “Toy Story” can tell you about coaching.

How being right hurts our success

Join us for this entertaining and enlightening episode!