Black Belt Selling with special guest, April Ancira

Welcome back to Black Belt Selling with Anna and Stephanie Scheller. It's our passion to empower you in sales and business with expert guests and valuable content so you can get your black belt in sales. If you are struggling in your business, you will love our guest, April Ancira! She is the VP of Ancira Auto Group in San Antonio, TX, and she brings great energy to Black Belt Selling as we resume our podcast.

Let's face it. Sales has a bad reputation, and car sales, especially, has the worst. Many folks start only to quit because they just can't seem to make it work. More people never start because they are afraid they won't know what to say, or have the right information for the customer. Our guest, April Ancira, tackled both these fears, and learned a valuable lesson about being authentic and caring. April shares how she rose from working a summer job for her Dad to becoming the Vice President of one of the largest auto groups in South Texas by becoming her authentic self.

You will hear:

• How a summer job turned into a passion to create a great experience for customers.

• How her dad built his company and paid the 50% he needed for the bank loan in just one month!

• How integrity saved his company and a land sale.

• What the biggest handicap we face when it comes to business.

• How powerful your sense of humor is to your success.

Listen carefully to be inspired by April's story of her family’s business. April is one of the leaders of the GROW Retreat to be held in San Antonio, TX. For more information, go to bit.ly/TheGROWRetreat