Develop Expert Authority with Justin Devonshire

Are you in business to have freedom? Or have you created a job for yourself? If you are in business for yourself and you cannot leave for vacation, then what you need is freedom. And our guest, Justin Devonshire, shares the keys he learned to create financial freedom in his coaching business. 


Justin is an international speaker and mentor to coaches. He helps other coaches, experts, trainers and speakers to attract more clients and create a scalable income by creating "Expert Authority" positioning quickly. In this episode, you will hear: 


How receiving an eviction notice got him into action.

What entrepreneurs fail to do that keeps a ceiling on their income.

How to get your first 30 clients if you have no marketing budget how to build a tribal following from scratch 


and more. 


You can learn more about his "Expert Authority Blueprint" by going to his website 



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