Failure to Success

If a person is more successful than you are, they have probably failed more times than you have

You Fail, You Learn, You Grow, You Succeed. Always Fail Forward - Miha Matlievski

This week on Black Belt Selling, our business podcast is with Miha Matlievski. Miha is a "Fail Coach" - a Business Coach but with emphasis on helping people to learn from their failures and move from failure to success. Miha's business today is inspired by a very dark time in his past when he failed in his business and his life. During the podcast, Miha tells his story...

Miha failed 4 companies and lost $20 million in 2 weeks. If anyone can talk about failure, Miha can. Milha's life went off the rails. He owed money all over and he got nasty phone calls daily about money he owed. He spiralled into depression and suicidal thoughts. In the face of such adversity, he still managed to move from failure to success.

The daily threatening phone calls were making Miha feel increasingly depressed every day until one day he came to an agreement with people what he would phone them once a month to report on his progress. This way he only had to deal with them once a month and this gave him some breathing space. It took 5 years to "bounce back". Listen to the podcast to hear Miha tell his story.

There are a lot of people who have failed in business and had even bigger failures. Many don't learn from their failures.

How to go from Failure to Success

It's all to do with your mindset on how you view failure. As long as you have a negative view of failure, you won't try or experiment with things due to fear of failure. We must change our view of failure through mindfulness, emotional intelligence and other techniques.

Keep a Failure Journal

Keep a failure journal and write each daily failure into it. On the weekend, read your week's failures and ask yourself questions such as "What could I have done differently?" "How could I have approached this client differently?" "How could I prepare my offer in a different way?" "How can I improve my techniques for closing?" "Can I enrol in a course that can help?"

Remember that no one has a 100% track record.

Questions are more important than answers

In addition to the questions, you ask yourself. Apply this also in your business dealings with others.  People love to answer questions and give their opinions. When selling we focus on the things that we think are good. We need to ask the clients what they want. The best way to sell is to not sell. Let the client arrive at their own conclusion through the questions you ask.

Find 15 - 20 people that you will pay extra attention to. Give them something extra in return for their knowledge.

Try different methods in sales and see what works, if something works, keep doing it. Always leave time to try new things.

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