How Meditation Helps You Close More Sales with Kevin Schoeninger

Do you find yourself stressed out when it comes to making a sales call? Do you wish you had more confidence when you meet with a client? Did you know that meditation can help you close more sales and have fun doing it?

Our guest on Black Belt Selling is Meditation Master, Kevin Schoeninger. Kevin is passionate about sharing mind-body practices to help clients release limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, to discover calm clarity, and take inspired action. Drawing from years of practice and 30 years as an entrepreneur, Kevin shares insights from meditation that can help you prepare for and close more sales.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • ‍5 steps of meditation and how they prepare you to lead your client
  • ‍How relaxing helps you make more money.
  • How to tame your racing mind when you are distracted in a sales call
  • ‍How meditation helps you create more abundance in your life.

And more!

Kevin loves hearing from people, so if you want more information or contact him directly, you can go to his website, http://thepowerofpractice.com