Interviewing the Interviewers - Business Radio X

“We let business owners tell the good stories" - Lee Kantor & Stone Payton, Business Radio X

“Hey, you are an amazing business owner. Can I interview you?” Would you say yes to this invitation? Radio interviews create authority and give business owners a platform to tell their own story. And our guests, Stone Payton and Lee Kantor, do that very thing through their radio show, Business Radio X

Stone and Lee amplify the voice of business in the markets they serve. They serve the Fortune 500,000, not just the Fortune 500, helping local business and professional associations get the word out about the important work they’re doing to serve their market, profession, and community.

In this episode, you will hear.

Best advice for business owners (based on interviewing hundreds of business owners)

The unlikely reason Lee started interviewing people (Hint: a weakness can become your business!)

How business stereotypes hinder small business development and how Lee and Stone help change that.  

Resources they recommend for hungry business owners

And more!

To be interviewed on Business Radio X or get information about becoming a Studio Partner , go to businessradiox.com or contact Stone

Cell phone: 770-335-2050

Email: stone@businessradiox.com

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