Jenny Butler on Podcasting and Content Marketing

Jenny Butler loves Inbound Marketing, travelling and her dogs. She works at Hubspot which has been dominating the internet for years, it seems that every time you look something up on the internet, Hubspot will be there!

In this interview, Anna and Jenny discuss Content Marketing and Content Scaling with a very particular point of view that will for sure answer some of your everyday questions as well as motivate you to maybe even start your own podcast. How? Keep reading!

The interview starts by talking about the value of content marketing and why are you actually doing it? First of all, the content market starts with your very first words to your audience and keeps going even with the interaction that you have in your blog comment section. That is where you can even turn a blog into a podcast, maybe you'll connect with a professional in a particular topic that you can invite over and start a podcast!

It doesn't stop there, your content's value grows with time so you should be always reinvesting in it and reinventing it. This way your content marketing will reach levels that you would've never imagined. But remember, you must never underestimate a podcast. Maybe some people will tell you that they don't listen to podcasts anymore but you have to believe Jenny Butler when she says that there are people that like podcasts, therefore you'll have to focus on that niche instead of worrying about the 2 people on the supermarket line that said that the podcast era was over.

There is no such thing as a secret for podcasting, you'll just have to engage, bring quality and you'll be building rapport without bombarding your audience with useless content.

Moving on to the next topic, what about thought leadership?

Thought Leadership is the art of sharing your knowledge and what you are learning. If you are not sharing then you're cheating. It doesn't matter if you feel that you will never be like those leaders that appear on TV or Radio, you don't have to be precisely an extrovert and do massive talks. Remember, all the quality can get lost in the lack of confidence. You may know something that someone needs to hear!

People tend to underestimate the power of their voice. Podcasting is the opportunity for you to introduce the world to your actual voice. Do not only write about it, talk about it!

Finally, what can we say about the content market?

Firstly, it is a perfect representation of how sales have shifted over the years. It is a way of building relationships and to approach it we could either write or speak our voices out loud as podcasting is not even expensive. And last but not least, what can you take from Jenny? Well, according to Anna Scheller, the idea that you need to develop your voice, scale your content and get out there. Don't wait to be perfect, just do it!  

If you'd like to connect with Jenny Butler, follow and message her on twitter! @radiojbutler