John Dini talks about Exit Strategy

When you know nothing ever lasts forever - have your Exit Strategy

In today's Black Belt Selling interview with Anna and Stephanie, they interview John Dini, the Exit Strategy Expert. Get to know John as he will tell you how he ended up doing what he really wanted to do and to get profits out of it! Why is it helpful to have an exit strategy? Well, we as entrepreneurs must know that everything comes to an end so we should always know how to get profits when leaving our company to somebody else's hands.

• In this podcast, you'll find the following key points discussed by experienced experts:

• Who are we selling our product/service for?

• Understand who your competition is.

• Millenials, the generation we should sell to

• Why do boomers not pay attention to upcoming competitors?

• What do I need an exit strategy for?

Anna and Stephanie will tell you their favourite part of the interview as well as their personal thoughts about it. Anna gives some good advice which will be really helpful. One thing you should focus on more when you are starting a business, or even if you already have one, is that just because you love your product or service doesn't mean that everybody will love it as well.

Finally, talking about one of the most extreme exit strategies, we'll leave you with the question: What should your company be in order for someone to want to buy it?