Mark Hunter and Art Sobczak

Mark Hunter on High Profit Prospecting

In today's interview, they are going to discuss an important: Prospecting.

For this, there will be two guests that are professionals on the topic who have tried and tested these methods we are discussing in their respective areas of business.

The first guest is Mark Hunter, better known as the man who wrote the book "High Profit Prospecting", a very clear and useful guide on sales that should be a must in every salesman's library. Mark will tell us about the following points:

  • Why should you be so passionate about prospecting?
  • Most people don't stay in sales because of prospecting
  • Be aware of the big outcomes we provide people with
  • If you believe in what you're selling, then you'll want to get out and talk about it

Moving on to another really interesting topic, Mark will talk about some email marketing topics:

  • The biggest challenge when it comes to email prospecting
  • Subject lines of interest
  • We tend to think about prospecting from our own perspective
  • Prospecting is not talking about us

Master of Cold Calling - Art Sobczak

If that isn’t enough knowledge for one podcast, Anna will be hosting another guest: Art Sobczak, the master of cold calling. He'll cover the following points:

  • How to handle resistance
  • Most salespeople use bad messaging
  • We are going to get "No's" if we are playing
  • The process of sales calling
  • Smart Calling
  • The first 10 seconds of the call
  • Get them to talk and get to the Questioning Part

After listening to the whole podcast, we hope that your own sales will improve. We invite you to listen again and do not miss any of the points as the most important advice could be hiding between lines!