Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino

A Double Treat with Two Black Belt Selling Guests - Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino

In today's interview, we'll be able to listen to Anna talk with two professionals: Nigel Green and Anthony Iannarino. They'll be discussing really interesting topics that you won't get to listen to every day as many of us didn't even know they were actually that important when talking about sales.  

The first interviewee is Nigel Green who has built his career on scaling sales teams, therefore, he's able to advise us on some sales listening topics we might have never thought of before. In summary, he will cover the following:

When we are selling, we tend to find a need for our product/service instead of listening what our customer problem is and how to solve it.

  • We tend to confuse "listening" with "giving our client space to speak".
  • A salesman usually is just waiting to attach the product to something that the client said.
  • How to know if you're actually listening? Rephrasing the statement.
  • Clients buy based on how the problem makes them feel.

Moving on to the next topic, the second interviewee is Anthony Iannarino, who will open a very interesting discussion about how misconceptions affect our ability to sale:

  • Lots of people think that a salesperson has to serve the client and nothing more.
  • Businessmen are giving you their time, you can't waste it all talking about your product.
  • Peer to peer? Yes, equal basis with our customers.
  • Higher price? Also yes, you are worth paying more for.

Finally, after listening to both interviews, we can say that there are at least 3 important factors we should pay attention to: 

Listen better, become an advisor instead of just a salesman and understand the value you add to the table. 

Anna invites you to listen again to any part of the podcast that resonated with you so you make sure you didn't miss a single detail!