Sales Call Scripting - How and Why you should do it

In today's podcast, Anna and Stephanie are discussing a certain topic that some people are scared of or just won't use it: Scripting

Why so? Mostly because people think that scripting will make them sound robotic and boring, just as a waitress that has everything perfectly memorized but this couldn't be further from the truth. Scripting is actually very helpful and, contrary to what people think, it'll give you the chance to be creative on how you sell your product or service.

Therefore, in this podcast you'll listen to amazing content discussing the following points:

  • What is scripting?
  • Finding the words that work best for you
  • Why do some people write a very powerful script but end up not using it?
  • Scripting is organizing how we're leading people
  • We are used to not following a line or structure
  • Even if it wouldn't seem so, we crave predictability
  • Scripting allows constancy as well as creativity
  • Every successful person in sales uses a script, even if they say they don't
  • When a tennis player loses a match, they learn from it and move on. It's just the same with sales.
  • Scripting will kill excuses such as "I didn't know what to say"
  • Fear of scripting? We don't want to be unauthentic
  • NPL (Neuro-linguistic Programming) - Select words that generate what you're looking for

These all are important points that will help you understand why every salesperson should have a script. Of course, these key points will also help you to generate a great script in order for you to not sound robotic, repetitive and therefore, unauthentic at all. Also, don't think for a moment that if you use a script, you're going to be untruthful and manipulative as you will talk perfectly about your product or service. Remember, if you believe in what you're selling, then you're not being manipulative.

Finally, after listening to the podcast, you'll for sure always remember that scripting develops confidence and success.