Spiritual Selling with Joe Nunziata

Transform your Sales Career with Spiritual Selling Principles

In today's black Belt Selling Interview, Anna will host Joe Nunziata, he is a best selling author and a professional speaker. He's been doing conferences since 1992 and creating enlightening programs that have help lots of people over the years. Some of his books are:

• Chasing Your Life

• Karma Buster

Spiritual Selling

In the interview, we talk about one topic in particular which is "Spiritual Selling". Why is this important? Well, because in order to make permanent decisions, you will have to clear your negative energy first. This way, you'll not only follow an established process but you also will make a change in life.

On this podcast you'll find information regarding the following bullet points:

• Spiritual Selling

• If your energy is not aligned, you won't get where you want to go.

• How did Joe Nunziata decide that he wanted to do this for a living?

• Most people attack the effect and don't deal with the cause.

• People only try to get through the day or week. they are just "surviving".

• Why some people put a band-aid on a broken bone instead of healing it?

• It's not about just learning, it is about shifting the way you live.

• Feelings that hold people back

• Unresolved negative ego

• Recurring issues

• What is the “victim mentality"?

• How do you feel when you present your product?

These and other topics are discussed in today's black belt selling interview. Pay attention to all the details and learn why Joe Nunziata is the best one you can listen to about this topic.

Finally, Anna, Stephanie and Joe leave us with some incredible life lessons:

• Remember to always empower your people instead of hitting them with a stick until they bleed and can't do it anymore.

• The less I think, the more I do.

• The only thing standing between you and your success is you.