Stay In Business!!

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. Understanding sales is critical to staying in business, yet even with that knowledge, many small business owners fail in the first year! Instead of living the life of their dreams, they end up living their life for their business. The pressure becomes too great, and they fold, defeated. It doesn't have to be that way!

Yes, staying in business is a challenge! Understanding a few key ideas can keep you on the path to growth and success. The most important thing to know is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Having a strong support system that provides accountability not only provides support when your revenue drops, but also gives you help to not just survive in business, but THRIVE!

In this episode of Black Belt Selling, Stephanie and Anna discuss key ideas to help you stay the course and stay in business. You will hear:

  • One of the top reasons small business owners struggle to be successful
  • The value of a support system and why you must tap into it regularly
  • What Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford did that you MUST do to thrive in business.

And more!

At the end of the show, Stephanie will share about her new Stay In Business Club. If you're interested in learning more about it, go to http://www.stayinbusinessclub.com/

You don't have to be alone! Stay in business!