The 3 “L’s of Sales” with Nigel Green

“Connect, don’t convince.” Nigel Green

Have you ever heard someone say, “That person would be good in sales. They talk a lot!” Pretty common perception. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth! Good sales people listen, lead, and learn. And what makes a good sales person makes a good sales manager. And our guest on this week’s episode, Nigel Green, knows all about all three.

After leading a national sales team just three years after college, he served as Vice President of Sales at Foundations Recovery Network. In three years there, he helped grow the business by 272%, from $94M to $350M. In 2016, he was the CEO at StoryBrand, where he honed his skills in strategic messaging and marketing. All of this success and experience has inspired the proven strategies at Evergreen to accelerate and sustain the growth of your business.  

What you will hear:

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we think we are listening.

The purpose of the first sales call (this will take the pressure off your next cold call)

Where the best ideas for your team come from (and it’s not the CEO!)

Where leadership starts, and the power of training for sales performance.

After you hear Nigel, you will want to listen to this episode again and again, especially if you lead a sales team or are planning to build a sales team.

To connect with Nigel directly, email him at nigel@findevergreen.com

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