The Keys to Success and Long Term Fulfilment

Damion Lupo talks to us about the keys to success and long term fulfilment

In this week's episode of Black Belt Selling, we have a very special guest - Damion Lupo talking about the keys to success and long term fulfilment and how fulfilment should be sought first and success will follow.

Damion Lupo on Black Belt Selling Business Podcast - The Keys to Success and Long Term Fulfilment

Damion is a Sensei. "Yokido" Martial Arts founder and 5th Degree Black Belt. He is the Financial Mentor to Transformation Nation and best selling author in personal finance - Rewriting the rules and plan for retirement. Check out his book "Reinvented Life".

Damion Lupo explained during the interview that Reinventing is about asking questions to find the truth about yourself and then asking where you want to go from there.

He goes onto explain that If you try to get something quick, you're going to lose it quick. People who take steroids get quick results but it's bad in the long term. When you want something, you have to put the time in and that is the key to success and long term fulfilment.

If I give you $1m you may lose it in a month or a year. If you work for it then you build muscle around it and are likely to keep it

3 key things for business startups:

  • You have to know the truth, have humble pie, get feedback from people outside of you and your emotions
  • Money is not the mission, it's the side effect
  • Decide who the people around you are going to be or else you will absorb all sorts of random people

You need to look "under the hood" of the people you absorb. Just because someone has a lot of expensive things and loads of money does not mean that you want to become like them.

Usually, when you ask the question "If I gave you $10M what would you do with it?" Most people would say "I would give a bunch to charity, buy my mom a house etc". This is why people don't have $10M - because they want to repel it! We must live our lives "on purpose". I would hire more people to carry out my mission. Nothing about me would change, I would just have more money to carry my mission out.

More points that are discussed during the Podcast

  • Wealth is freedom of choice
  • Money is a tool
  • Money does not free you, wealth does
  • Don't focus on success but on fulfilment
  • Being broke and being poor is different.
  • Being poor is a mindset
  • Being broke is having no money
  • Are you working as a whore for cash?
  • When we are chasing money we are selling. We should be serving. When we serve there is fulfilment.
  • Fail faster so that you can grow faster

We know that if you hit that play button and listen to our interview with Damion Lupo, you'll be pleased and you'll take something out of it! To hear more insightful interviews with successful business men and women, join us on our Black Belt Selling Facebook Group