Tips for Selling from Ben Gay III - Master Closer

We get these amazing tips for selling during our interview with the Master Closer Ben Gay III

selling tips from Ben Gay III

Today on Blackbelt selling we interview Ben Gay III, learn some awesome tips for selling and get to hear the wisdom that comes from a proven track record of many sales legends. Ben Gay III has a wealth of experience and success that started many years ago before even Zig Ziglar become a legend. In fact, Ben trained and worked with Zig Ziglar. Ben Gay and Zig Ziglar both responded to the same employment ad in the newspaper. It turned out to be a business opportunity meeting and not an employment interview. From there they both worked successfully with the company.

During the interview, you will hear Ben's stories and wisdom that span back decades in time and up to the present day. Below are a few snippets but we encourage you to listen to the entire podcast carefully and apply what you hear.

Scripting Vs Building Relationships and Sales Infiltration

  • Scripting is the effective way to present something after testing
  • Sales Infiltration is about building relationships, quickly.
  • Most sales are made or lost in the 1st 10 - 15 seconds. They can be saved after that in relationship building.

Pick up referrals from every appointment and never Cold Call again

A man went to a Doug Edwards seminar. He was told to never leave an appointment without at least 5 referrals. If you get get a person's church directory, you'll have up to 2,000 referrals! He made his first cold call, made a sale and got 5 referrals. He met with these referrals and picked up more referrals. At one appointment he would pick up 5, another, 3, another 6 and so on. Referrals get easier as you go because of the circle of influence. People start to know your name. This man was in the business for 40 years and in all that time he only made 1 cold call!

Now with the internet and social media, it's even easier to get referrals. It's not "Old School" The only thing different today is that we have more options for prospecting. After that, selling is the same as it has always been.

The only difference between a salesman and a conman is the belief in the product

"Con Man" comes from the word "Confidence Man"  - You win the confidence and trust of the prospect and then they give their money. The difference is, is it a useless product or a product you believe in? The technique is the same! Like a gun - you can use a gun to protect your family or feed them or you can use it for evil.

The 4th Man Perspective

There are 4 walls. On a stage, the 4th wall is known as where the audience sits. The 4th wall is the audience perspective looking at you.

When Ben would give talks on public speaking he discovered that if he could show people a video of them speaking so that they could see themselves, they would cure all their bad habits immediately. Ben quit cigarettes by seeing himself smoke on video and realising how bad it looked and how it distracted him.

Suggestive Selling - 1 Egg or 2?

Suggestive selling caused a national egg shortage when a large retailer taught their staff to ask "1 egg or 2?" Even when the customer had not intended on getting ANY eggs.

Take time today to listen to the podcast discussion between Anna, Stephanie and Ben Gay III, you'll be glad you did and you'll derive some great tips for selling that will take your career/business to new heights!

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