Wear Confidence Like a Shield of Invincibility - Garth Delikan

Confidence is the Greatest thing you'll ever have in your Business and in your Life

Confidence is the greatest thing you’ll ever have. You wear it like a shield of invincibility. When you project confidence, nothing bad ever comes back to you. ~ Garth Delikan

Have you heard the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? What would you do if you found that your business partner bankrupted your business and your spouse called to tell you she wants a divorce? All in the same day! Would you quit? Would you start to rebuild?  

Using black belt principles, our guest, Garth Delikan, chose to get back in the game, and rebuild his life. He shares his story, as well as important insights that you can use to be successful in business.

Garth Delikan is The Lifestyle Guy, the UK’s leading lifestyle expert. He can help you achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and feel 20 years younger in only 20 minutes a day!

In this podcast, you will hear.

How audacity and confidence helped him create, then recreate his life after that devastating day.

The missing piece that you need for creative visualization to work.

The three mirrors to help you get unstuck (are these three keeping you from closing more sales?)

Why he doesn't need to worry about competition, and how you  don’t need to either!

And more!

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