Women in Business with Shawn McBride

It’s the age old battle. Who is better in business? Men or women? According to our guest, R. Shawn McBride, women have an advantage in business partnerships. As controversial as it may sound, exploring the differences between men and women is enlightening, and can help you as you grow your business!  

Shawn works with successful business owners that want to build companies that stand the test of time so that their wealth is protected for their family or heirs. He is a lawyer, accountant, and business strategist whose goal is to educate others and help them live their dreams.

In this episode, you will hear:

The role women play in buying decisions and why that makes them good partners

How 2 competitors joined in collaboration to create a better business

One of the biggest mistake people make, thinking they are protecting their assets, but they’re not!

And more!

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