5 Reasons People Quit: How to Become Indomitable

To be honest, I was pretty overwhelmed. I had started a business to create financial freedom.  You know, pay for the kids' college (all 7 of them), go on vacations in Europe, own nice cars and do what I want when I want. The great American dream!

Truthfully, 10 years later, I had racked up some pretty good credit card debt, I now had employees, and more expenses that I had ever had in my life without enough money coming in to pay for all of it! I just wished someone would take over for me so I could crawl under a rock.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you simply wanted to quit? You just wish you could walk away and start over?  To be successful in sales, and business, we need to cultivate an indomitable spirit. That simply means that no matter what happens, you can't be beaten. Here are some reasons you might be tempted to quit and some things you can do to counteract it.

1. Fear of Failure

If you are trying something new, but not achieving the results you want, you may be telling yourself, "This isn't for me." Often in our quest for success, we encounter bigger problems that we thought we could solve. Being afraid of failure is common to all of us, especially when we feel we are out of our league! But what appears to be failure can be a turning point in your success!

 Technique 1: Track your wins daily.  Get out a sheet of paper every night and write down 3 things that you did well. Was it 10 phone calls today? Did you take a 10 minute walk? Did you spend some time with your family? Eric Lofholm says, "Small wins breed confidence." Tracking your wins builds confidence, shrinking the fear of failure to what it truly is. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Number 2: Physical exhaustion.

Are you taking care of yourself? Many times, we are so busy chasing sales and taking care of everyone else that we have little energy at the end of the day. If this goes on for long periods of time, we have no reserves left to meet the challenges that are part of business. We have no power, no reserves to continue following our goal. We hang our heads in defeat, and begin to find our way out.  We may even be getting sick, and not able to function. These are real things that happen to real people. They call it burn out. Let this be a signal to . . .

Technique 2Make time for yourself daily. Successful people like Tony Robbins and Oprah follow a daily routine of self care to empower themselves to meet the challenges of the day. What can you do to charge your batteries? Is it exercise? Is it prayer and meditation? Put it in your schedule and follow it religiously! Before you know it, you will be ready to meet your clients and move forward with your goals!

Number 3: Get Distracted

Do you chase after every new chance to make more money? Do you surf the web when you have a list of people to call? We all do it. But these distractions keep us from the very activities that move us closer to our goals. And when we tend to get distracted, we are not getting results, and we are tempted to quit.

Technique 3: Do one action toward your goal everyday. One way to stay focused is to follow a plan of action and accomplish one small step everyday toward your goal. By doing so, you can feel a sense of accomplishment, which will help you keep on track.

Number 4: Fear of success

Believe it or not, people are afraid of success. Really!  Success brings new responsibility, new pressures, new levels of expectation. It also brings out fear in others. Add to that concern about what people will think!

Technique 4: Plan for your success. Start writing on a piece of paper all the benefits you and those you care about will enjoy with your success. Work with a coach to write strategies for meeting your new responsibilities. These actions will help you shrink this fear to the proper size.

 5. Lacking a strong enough why.

Why are you in business? Is it to make money?? What will that money do for you? What benefits will you enjoy from the fruits of your efforts? If you say, it’s having money in the bank, your why is weak. There must be something greater!

Technique 5: Write down and review everyday the real reason you are in business. Spend time visualizing the benefit you are working for as if it is already a reality. Napoleon Hill states, "your subconscious mind will act only upon instructions which are emotionalized, and handed over to it with feeling."

To be successful in sales and business, you must develop an indomitable spirit. You have to become someone who can't be beaten! Being indomitable is one of the traits martial artists develop to become black belts, and it is one of the traits you need to master sales.

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Remember, a black belt is a white belt that never quit!