7 Habits to Save You Time and Get More Done

Everyone wants to save time and get more done. It's the insanity of our culture, yet we drive ourselves crazy with our "to-do" lists and never ending obligations. Some days we drop in bed wondering if we accomplished anything!!

Instead of hearing my opinion this week, I thought I'd share tips from sales masters. Their advice is timeless. See which one strikes you, and implement it today!

The first tip comes from Brian Tracy.

Relax and meditate.

This habit gets your day started from a place of calm. Follow these instructions to begin your work in power.

"First, you sit or lie in a quiet place where you can be completely alone in the silence. Through positive affirmations, imagine yourself going through an important upcoming experience, such as a meeting, a presentation, a negotiation or even a date that would improve your work-life balance and your quality of life.

"As you sit or lie completely relaxed, create a picture of the coming event and see it unfolding perfectly in every respect. See yourself as calm, positive, happy and in complete control. See the other people doing and saying exactly what you would want them to do if the situation was perfect."

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Tony Robbins reminds us:

Start each day with a definite plan

Most of us start our day answering emails or the phone, taking care of what other people want. Begin your day by deciding what you will accomplish and start on that first.

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In the digital age, the number of opportunities can be paralyzing, keeping us from the simplest tasks. This tip from productivity guru, David Allen, will help you get the little things done that tend to get ignored in favor of the big stuff.

Follow the 2 minute rule.

We all make to do lists. But what will we do with it? Productivity expert David Allen says, "Decide on the next action for an item on your to do list." While this seems pretty mundane, it makes a big difference.  Once you decide on the next action, if you can do it in the next 2 minutes, then get it done. Tracking, stacking, and finding it takes more time than doing it. You'll feel better and you can take it off your list!

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Busy schedules can crowd this important investment of time, so Jill Konrath reminds us to Prepare.

Have deadlines? Quotas to meet? Then be sure you prepare your presentation before you walk in. Preparation can seem like such a waste of time, however, the time you spend getting ready will build your confidence. When you approach a buyer with information and a self-assured air, you will make the kind of impression that leads to more sales.

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I love this next tip from Anthony Iannarino, and I incorporate this into my day to get big projects done 3 hours a day.

Are you one of those people who gets to work and starts reacting to everyone else's agenda? Emails, phone calls, people dropping by can. Set aside 3 hours a day to work on an important project. Three hours a day, five days a week adds up to 15 hours a week, and 60 hours a month. Can you get something done in that much time? Be intentional

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Don't have time to work out? Think again! Jeffrey Gitomer reminds us to Get in shape

Just like meditation is important for a calm mind, exercise clears the brain fog that rolls in when we have so much to do. Gitomer says, "There’s a fundamental link between physical well being and mental freedom to create." To create solutions for your customers, you must work on health habits every day. Even something as simple as a 30 min walk gets the blood pumping and big muscles moving. It's a great stress reliever, too!

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Whatever else you do, Tom Hopkins reminds us

Start today.

Procrastination is one of our biggest enemies. We keep getting ready to get started. There is only one good way to beat it. Start today! All the habits listed above will not do you any good unless you get started. Tom puts it this way: "Plan out the best actions to take. Then act on your plans. Move into the emotional profit column right now. Starting today, get your priority tasks and actions done promptly. Plan your actions then act on your plans. Apply this determination in every area of your life and it will make an enormous difference in your income and growth rate in business and your satisfaction and growth rate personally."

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What areas do you struggle in to be more productive? What helps you get things done? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let me know what you think!