Anna Scheller joins the "Halfway There" podcast

Anna Scheller joins the Halfway There podcast with Eric Nevins.

I’ve learned to become more aware of when I’m getting in my way and God’s way, and step back and say “OK Lord, this is what you have for me, use me, bring me to the people, or bring the people to me or the resources so that we can accomplish what You want”, because it’s all about serving the Body of Christ and serving the people around you.

When I understood my walk with Christ

I was a bit over 20 years old when I understood that I could learn more about my walk with Christ, it didn’t just have to be on Sundays when I went to church, but I could actually communicate and spend time with the lord thru his word, and so then my real walk with Christ began when I was about 22, when I started reading his word on a regular basis.

My husband and I had only been married a year and this girl came to a Church we attended and she talked about having this walk with God, and even though I did a lot of praying I didn’t understand hearing from God and walking with him, so she was the one who challenged me to start reading The Bible every day, and as I opened The Bible, of course if you have the Holy Spirit, it reveals things to you, suddenly The Bible is talking to me about situations in my life and when I’m afraid I get comfort or when I need to be reproved I get that sweet word that’s corrective but not a hatchet.

I just remember how it literally changed my life, I didn’t have to work for my salvation, it was a free gift by accepting the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. I have found so many people in so many walks of life, in so many different sects of Christianity, and even not in Christianity. I’ve met some Mormons who have the same, they really have the same understanding of the relationship with God, I’ve just seen where they are, these people are really wanting to serve him and understand that it’s their works that make them righteous, but it’s the power of God that makes them righteous.

My surrender

I had to surrender to Christ, I had to surrender the whole situation and say “Only you can guide me thru this, I’m not hiding it anymore”, and that dark night of the soul lasted quite a while, but it was just in continually surrender and just yielding to God’s wisdom that we were able to come out of that very difficult time and began to prosper again. There’s nothing we can’t do that the grace of God cannot reach, comfort, heal and restore.

I believe that God desires for us to live in his abundance, prosperity is a bigger picture than money in the bank. There are people with lots of money in the bank who are not living an abundant life. Abundance is a whole person thing, so it starts with your relationship with the Lord, and then God uses that to work into the other areas of your life, your relationships, your family, your businesses, your employment, your community.

Sales is about evangelism, how do I present the Gospel so that people are open to hearing about it. The old ways that were based on old sales techniques don’t work anymore.

Selling is not only applicable to your business, it’s also applicable to your life and your faith.