How Breaking Bricks made me Successful in Sales

Once I realized that breaking bricks was not only about breaking bricks for the sake of it...I became successful in sales

I recently watched my son break 4 bricks, I drifted back in my mind to the day I broke 1 brick. I was scared. It was 5 years ago, I tried to break a brick and broke my hand instead. The brick was hard, and my heart beat fast.

My coach stood next to me and talked me through it.

• Get the stance correct

• Create a circle to generate the proper flow of energy

• Focus on the space past the brick

• Don’t think about the brick

• Focus: The bricks are merely in the way!

• Complete the process

The brick was cold, hard and heavy

What is cold or hard or heavy that you have to get through? Phone calls, emails, meetings?

Get the stance correct:

• We want to posture ourselves to serve

• Are we selling or bringing solutions?

• Position yourself as a trusted advisor.

Proper flow of energy:

• Follow the sales cycle

• Realize that you generate energy by flowing with your customer


Is your focus on the money or the service? When we focus on “closing” we can get caught up making the sale, and not on how we can benefit the customer.

Don’t let the obstacles stop you from moving forward. Obstacles can be objections, the need to make the sale or your own fear of not closing.

Complete the process:

• Prepare for the meeting

• Don’t listen to the inner doubts.

• Take the process through to completion.

How To Break Bricks AND be Successful in Sales

• Approach the customer from the position of a trusted advisor

• Follow the process to generate flow with your customer

• Focus on the benefit the customer will receive (not the sale)

• Commit to completing the process.

Anna Scheller

Wife, mother of 7, Black Belt, Sales queen, entrepreneur, International Speaker; Loving life and finding good in everything and everyone! Passionate about your success!