Make Your Sales Presentation Irresistible

Sitting in a dealership, I weighed whether I should even talk to a car salesman. 

My 10 year old minivan rested on the hydraulic lift for the second time in as many weeks. The last time I brought it in, it cost $900. Was it time to buy a new car? Would that save me money?

When I sat in front of the sales consultant, we went through the niceties of building trust and rapport. After asking a few questions, the young man parked the SUV he thought would be perfect for me in the service breezeway. Leather seats, a DVD player, extra room in the back, great gas mileage. He laid out all the features of the car as if rehearsed. I have to admit it was a nice car, but I decided to schedule the appointment to bring the van back for repairs.

What happened? Why did I not buy the new car?

Eric Lofholm, in his book, The System, states that the way to build value in your presentation is to share benefits that your prospect will love and enjoy! Sharing the benefits is different than presenting the features. Benefits are based on your customer’s needs. Often we tell the customer about what our product can do, but we fail to link those features to a benefit that our client is interested in.

In the example above, the young man showed me some great features. The more features he showed me however, the more concerns I had about monthly payments. He focused on the nice features he was interested in, not the ones I was. Had he shown me how this would fit in my budget, I would not be able to say no!

Sales is about service. Share the benefits (notice I didn’t say features) that your prospect will enjoy. That is service! When you take the time to identify the customer’s true needs, and share benefits that they will love, your presentation will be almost irresistible!

In a recent Periscope broadcast, I shared 5 benefits to include in your presentation to have your customer wanting your product before you ask for the order. To find out what kinds of benefits your customer is looking for, click hereto listen to the broadcast

Do your customers want your product before you ask for the order? Then you must make your presentations irresistible before you ask for the money. Master this step in the sales process and you will close more sales!

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