Master Sales Professionals Teach Others

How do you get better at sales? Teach others.

As I advanced in rank in the martial arts, I became more conscious of the fact that lower ranking students would copy my technique. When I became a teacher, not only was I the example, I was having to tell someone how to do the technique in a way that they could duplicate what they heard. I have to tell you that there are times I wonder what they are doing and I find out they are doing what I said. Fortunately, as I have improved as an instructor, my students seem to be performing better as well.  If they are making mistakes, then I need to correct what I am showing them so they can be better.

It’s the same way in sales. You have learned valuable lessons from your craft. You’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. Now it’s time for you to share those lessons with someone who is looking up to you for guidance and instruction. Part of your journey to greatness is to be able to look at what you are doing, break it down into understandable parts, and communicate it in such a way that it is duplicatable. Can someone listening to you do exactly what you are doing? If so, you are an excellent instructor. And a master sales professional.