Surprising Block to Success

You have good intentions

You set a deadline to finish your project.

You’re ready. Or not.

You might be thinking, “I need to do one more thing to make it perfect, then I can launch!”

But the truth is, you’re afraid it’s not perfect!

Often, when I ask people what is holding them back, they will say a fear of failure, or the fear of success. Those things are bad. Right? As detrimental as they are, another mindset paralyzes us worse, because we believe that this mindset will INSURE success!

In this video I did on Periscope, I discussed the perils of perfectionism.

Periscope: Is This Mistake Keeping You From Taking Action?

Perfectionism is the enemy of success! The fear of making a mistake is the number reason most of us don’t take action! And yet, perfectionism is the mistake that most hinders our success!!

  • What part of the sales process are you most afraid of making a mistake?
  • Does your own sales resistance get in the way of asking for the order?
  • What do sales masters do to close more sales that you could start doing right now!!?

The antidote to perfectionism is to take action. NOW!  Don’t wait until every thing is just right. You will never get started!