The Importance of Purpose

A couple of years back, I found myself to be in a very frightening situation.

Earlier that year, people needed more furnished apartments than my company had ready. We were turning people away because we didn't have enough inventory. So to accommodate this new need, we leased more apartments in order to have be able to meet the need we anticipated for the summer. But as fast and furious as the calls came, the calls stopped. For months!

Instead of making thousands of dollars as I had anticipated, we were now bleeding thousands of dollars every month. My business was in big trouble. I wasn't sure how we would survive!

My back was against the wall, and I had to dig deep to survive this threat to my company. I had to get in touch with my big "Why". What was so important that I simply couldn't give up? What was powerful enough to keep me working through the pain every day to turn my  situation around? It was then that I realized the importance of purpose.

In this short video, I share some powerful points about the importance of purpose and the ability to choose. How purpose empowered people to survive the Nazi concentration camps. The importance of your ability to choose.

By the way, what was my why? My family.

What is your why? What drives you to succeed in business? Choose everyday to live out your purpose. When you know your why, and realize that you still have a choice to be defeated or victorious, then you become unstoppable.