Tips for Engagement on Social Media

When I first got started in social media, I had no idea what I was doing!! 

It began with Facebook, you know, stalking my children to find out what they were up to! (Fess up! You know you do that, too!)

As I grew my corporate housing business, I learned about other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. And then I got educated on the benefits of using social media to reach out to my target market.

Now as a sales trainer and business coach, I use social media to engage people and find potential customers who can use my services. Here are some keys I have learned along the way, that will help you better utilize social media platforms to reach your target market and make more sales.

  1. Find the best platform(s). Each platform serves a particular demographic. Is your target market families? Then you might want to expand your presence on Facebook through pages and groups. Are you business to business? Then beef up your LinkedIn profile and join like minded groups. Twitter followers are more serious about buying, so think of ways to connect with people using 140 characters.
  2. Showcase your expertise. One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is they broadcast instead of engage. Almost every post is, “Buy from me. Buy from me.” Instead put out content that helps your audience solve problems you can help with.
  3. Engage in other people’s posts. My mentor, Eric Lofholm, calls this “social currency”. Let people know when their posts resonate with you. Don’t just like the post! Comment! Add value to the other person. Begin to build your network through social media engagement.

Want to know more? Watch this blab I did with Samantha Kelly, the Tweetinggoddess, and listen for more information.

I’d love to hear your comments. How do you engage on social media? What platforms are you active on? Comment in the space below.

Until then,

To your greatest success!