Tips to Create More Focus for More Results

Do you ever wish you could get more done? Does it seem hard to focus on the task at hand when there is so much to do? In the movie, “Karate Kid,” Mr. Han tells his pupil, Dre, “Your focus needs more focus!” Maybe you can relate to Dre. I know I do! Here are 3 reminders for creating laser focus to get more results.

Eliminate distractionsTo get more done, you need create an environment that helps you concentrate on the task at hand. in this information age, the very tools we have to help us are the very trappings that distract us! Consider turning off your cell phone for the time you are working. If your calls need to be answered, find a colleague to whom you can forward your calls for that period of time. While you’re at it, turn off all the notifications on your computer. You can get to those important messages when you’re done!

Set a timerOur “To Do List” can often crowd our minds when we are working on a project. Setting a timer can help manage those nagging thoughts that call for our attention . By limiting the amount of time you spend on a task, you can push those aside because you know you will have time to get to them later.

Do the worst first!Want more energy for the task at hand? Do the worst first. The things we don’t want to do are like a child nagging us for our attention. What are you dreading? Get it over with! Write that paper first. Make the phone calls now! You’ll feel better and be free to concentrate on the next task.

So get started. Do the worst first. Set a timer to limit the time you spend on a task. Create a distraction free environment. When you do these things, you can create laser focus. You will be unstoppable!

Anna Scheller, CCHPCertified Sales Trainer and Business Coach