Why You Need a Sales Coach

All top performers hire coaches

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Tiger Woods


Companies hire coaches

  • Zappos
  • Shopify


If you are ready to take your business to the next level, find a good coach.


Top performers all have coaches. I know a man who was invited to train for the Olympics. He had a coach to help him get into the best possible shape.


When I was training to achieve my black belt, I had 2 coaches. They could see what I needed to correct, and encourage me when things got hard. They helped me streamline my technique. As a result, I created more power with less effort. Even now, I have a coach to help me prepare for my next Black Belt test in 2 years.


It's never too late to start achieving your targets and goals but you can only take yourself so far without the help of others. You especially need the help of someone who is better than you are at the task you are trying to achieve.


A Sales Coach will help you get from where you are to where you want to be by focusing on your goals. And with their guidance you can get where you want to go faster rather than slower, sooner rather than later.


Sales Coaching Books Alone are not enough!


While books are a valuable resource, books will give us knowledge but they don't hold us accountable. A Sales Coach will give you that feeling of accountability and duty to apply the knowledge you learn and report on your progress toward your goals.


Knowing you must give an account for your activity helps provide clarity and focus. A coach helps us stay focused on our goal.

Good Coaches Listen


The questions are the answers. A good Sales Coach will ask questions and listen to your answers. The answers you need are within you, your Coach will simply lead you to that place. By letting you sort out your own thoughts, you can begin to unravel the situation yourself. Providing feedback and asking honest questions, help you go below the surface.


Does your Sales Coach See the Big picture?


When choosing your Sales Coach, it is essential that he or she has been where you are and has already achieved great things – similar things that you aspire to. Your coach should have insights to help you keep perspective.


Your Coach will also see better alternatives because he is not emotionally attached to the outcome. Your Coach often knows something that can make the job easier, see things you can't see and help you make corrections.


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