15 Ways to Find More Time for your Business

Find more time for your business when you are building your business part-time while working in a job

Time is certainly the most limiting resource for entrepreneurs building their business "in parallel". Ask any part-time entrepreneur and they will tell you ...

"If only I had more time!"

In fact, there are 2 parts of the problem ...

First of all, there is not enough time to focus on your business. With work, children, activities, housework, appointments and all the other details of our day that absorb our time, there is certainly a shortage!

Second, most people do not know how to use their time more efficiently to maximize their results.

There are things to consider about the time ...

  • Loss of time
  • Time limits
  • The need to control time.

We have much more free time these days, so we think. The fact is, if you want to spend more time each day for your business, there are a variety of ways. And they are all very simple.

15 ways to find more time for your business

# 1: Check your time.

Before you find more time in your day, you need to know where it's going. Take your time this week and do a "time audit".

Note what you do during the day, including eating, sleeping, showering, doing laundry, working, going to school, kids activities, appointments, watching TV. ..

Everything! Think of it as your "diary". Do it for a week and you'll have a great idea where all your time goes!

# 2: Search for invisible holes.

If you use your time log, you can see areas where you find more business hours. Cutting things like "watching TV for 2 hours every night" is obvious. But also pay attention to unobserved gaps ... the little "nooks and crannies" of your day that you can use for specific business tasks.There are many in your day, I promise you that.

# 3: Get rid of addictions that take your time

Television - It's probably the # 1 addiction on the planet. But there are others: checking your phone every 5 minutes, surfing the internet, surfing the Facebook calendar and watching videos from chats on YouTube are definitely other "activities" that can be eliminated. You'll be surprised at how long it takes to free your business by simply eliminating these bad habits.

# 4: Get up early / Stay late

It seems like a piece of cake.Being awake one hour later or waking up an hour earlier is an easy way to find more time for your business. But he comes with a warning. Be very careful to get enough sleep! Sleep deprivation is not only detrimental to your concentration and productivity, but also to your health. Use with caution!

# 5: Everyday tasks in batches.

Shop for groceries, run to the pharmacy, clean the house ...People tend to do it in drabs and drabs if they can get enough interest in it. But try to do batch tasks to do all at the same time. Not only is it easier to "swallow" by doing it ...But you will find more time for your business every week. Group your daily tasks: it works!

# 6: Multitasking, if it makes sense.

Usually, being focused on one thing at a time will be much more productive. But there is time and place for multitasking to create more business hours. Some examples:

Listening to audio while driving or at work is an excellent use of multitasking. If driving is so routine that you do not even have to think about it (like the work you've been doing for years), doing another activity at the same time is easy (and safe for you!). Here's another example: Listen to training (or watch a business DVD) while you clean the house. Usually you do not need the brain's ability to clean the house ... it's a routine. Using this time for the business is only logical.

# 7: Make a Deal.

One of the easiest ways to spend more time on your business is to do business with your spouse or friends. Ask your partner to watch the children or do the chores so you can work in on your business. Become an intermediary of agreements ... there is plenty of time to find here!

# 8: Outsource and delegate if you can.

Who says you have to do everything yourself? Delegate these unwanted activities (at work and at home) to another person if you can.Outsource tasks to others who "do these things for a living". Outsourced your gardening. You may have done it yourself for years, but you'll discovered that you can generate much more free time by allowing professionals to do it. The same applies to the cleaning of the house or for repairs at home. And probably a dozen or more other things that you do to gain more time are better outsourced or delegated.

# 9: Use waiting time wisely.

Do you know the times when you're sitting in front of the school and waiting for your children or wasting time in the doctor's office because they made a double appointment for your appointment ... again? Do not fret ... go to work. Take these minutes to make a business call, email or watch a short video. You will get more time for your business ... and you will reduce stress by having to wait!

# 10: Use a calendar.

Another quick way to detect the unused time is to use a calendar. It can be a regular calendar or an online calendar (I like Google Calendar). Keeping everything neat and organized with a calendar not only saves time but is also a "generator" of time!

# 11: Use your lunch break wisely.

The following tips contain specific ways you can spend more time on your business at work. One of them is to use your lunch break wisely. If you have an hour or 30 minutes for lunch or something in between, use half of your lunch at work and the other half to do something for your business.There are many things you can do in 30 minutes or less, if you think about it!

# 12: Eliminate the "water cooling time".

Although it may be a bit dated (are there even water fountains?), The point is clear ...Eliminate the time you spend catching (or chatting) your colleagues, and use that time wiser. Even if you only read a good book about success for 15 minutes, what difference would that make!

# 13: Negotiate your working time

This is not for everyone, but if possible, it can be beneficial to speak with your boss and renegotiate your working time so that you have more time for your business.

# 14: Say NO more often.

If we could learn all this before! Do not be afraid to say no when you need it. It's great to do things for people, but most people do not say no because they're afraid of offending others. That's not a good reason! Say NO to add frequent hours to your business hours, I promise!

# 15: Get a PLAN!

I see it again and again ...When a person finally has time to work in their business, they sit on their computer and think ..."What should I do?" That should never happen! You should always have a defined attack plan so that you do not waste a second, if you have time.

There are many ways that you can spend more time for your business, if you use your imagination. If you need more in depth business coaching, book your 30 minute free consultation with Anna Scheller.