3 Selling Tips That I Learned from Taekwondo

Too busy. Every weekday, we pick up the phone, send emails, try to send emails and swallow our pride when the customer says, “No”. As the bank account drops, we start to panic. Before we know it, we abandon our efforts to connect with qualified clients, doing anything that keeps us from facing our failure. Instead, let’s focus on the selling tips that moves us toward our goal.

As a black belt in Taekwondo, the one thing that helps me improve my performance is focus on improving one skill at a time.  I work with my instructor regularly. Each week, she observes my technique, then gives me one specific move to practice. In my practice, I’ve discovered 3 things:

selling tips i learned from taekwondo

1. I need to slow my pace. In my hurry to finish a form, I am not aware of little tweaks that make a big difference in my power.

2. I need to pay attention to my movement. In the 10 years of my Taekwondo practice, I have learned that the greatest challenge I have is to stay present in the moment to know exactly what I am doing so I can correct it.

3. Practice until I get the result I want. When my kick does not move the target in the right direction, I kick again, correcting form to achieve the right movement. Then I practice the right way so it becomes a second nature. When it need it, I won’t need to think about it.

What does this have to do with sales or selling tips? Everything! Success requires dedication and discipline. The same kind that turns a white belt to a black belt.

You may be good at sales, but don’t you want to get better? I’m good at Taekwondo, but I want to get better! To become a superstar in sales, apply these 3 selling tips.

1. Slow your pace. Often we want to hurry the process along to get to the close. Taking time to listen and asking questions helps you become a trusted advisor. In this position, you have power to influence your buyer to find the right solution.

2. Pay attention. Slowing down gives you time to observe yourself as well as observe the customers’ responses. You will pick up on their signals, be able to respond accordingly, and lead your buyers to a decision that works for everyone.

3. Practice. Every sales conversation is a practice. You improve by making little, doable commitments to yourself. You can ask the customer to do the same. Practice also helps your conversation become second nature. So get on the phone and get started!  

Another key to success is working with a good coach or mentor. I have a martial arts mentor, and I have business mentors, as well. They listen to me, give me feedback and lead me to solutions for my challenges. Having gone through those situations themselves, they have the perspective and outsider’s view to help me get back on track.

selling tips

Are you stuck? Do you have a sales mentor?   When you invest in yourself, you can achieve your goals for your business and your life. One of my clients decided she was tired of not knowing when her next paycheck would come. After we started working together, she was able to choose the clients she wanted to work with and took her family on their first vacation in years. You can do this, too!

If you’re tired of getting nowhere, and would like to confidently close more sales with the right prospects, then click this link for your no-obligation 30 minute consult. We’ll talk about what’s going well, where you’d like to be and how you can get where you want to go. You’ll be glad you did!