Article Marketing

Increase your traffic with Article Marketing in twenty minutes every day

Article marketing does not have to be time-consuming. It does not take forever to expect results. In fact, with the right outsourcing, use article marketing to manage herds of traffic to your website in just twenty minutes a day.

==> Do your keyword research

The keyword analysis is the most important element of the method. By and large, it is best to try this yourself. that's often what makes 1/2 of the twenty minutes.

The goal is to start with low competition keywords. Yes, you will be ranking high-end keywords in the long run. However, if you are looking for an instant traffic boost, choose the low-hanging fruit.

Choose these keywords and write eye-catching titles for them. A reader should immediately be drawn to the title. Remember, it's not only about your rank, it's also about getting people to click on your listing once they find you.

==> Find and coach a top quality writer you trust

Find one or two quality writers that you will simply trust. Normally, you have to travel through 5 or 6 writers before you are happy.

Make sure you get perfect English. Make sure your writing is grammatically correct and is unique. Check Copyscape for the first few submissions.

Share excerpts of your articles on all your social platforms and link back to the full article. Doing this will not only help your SEO in the long run but you will also get instant click-thru traffic from your audiences.

==> Create a regular publishing schedule

Create a regular schedule, As an example, If you have 20 articles, you can drip feed them onto your site and off-page platforms by scheduling them.

Create a list of keywords, topics and titles for your writer for the month or any period of time. Be sure to answer all questions about the assigned tasks. Tell your writer that your focus keyword for each article must have 3 or for occurrences in context.

This whole method can take a week or 2. But as soon as your content is uploaded and scheduled, a miracle can happen while you spend little or no time on it yourself. Just sit back and work on different areas of your business as article traffic begins to trickle in.