How to Create Powerful Goals in 5 Simple Steps

Ever heard the saying, "If you shoot at nothing, you'll hit it every time?"

Makes sense, right? Ironically, we do not get what we want in life for the same reason! Dreaming about something, someday lacks power to kick us out of our comfort zone, and realize our dreams. How do we set ourselves up to shoot at what we want with power to achieve it. Set specific, measurable goals! Specific goals become clear targets, giving us direction and focus. When we know exactly what we want, we are compelled to take action toward that goal, even when we are uncomfortable doing so.

I'd like to present 5 simple steps to create compelling goals, so you can realize your dreams for 2017.

Step #1: Start writing.

Writing forces us to put our dreams into a concrete form we can see.  It's amazing how much clearer our thinking becomes when we unload our thoughts onto paper. We can now focus on what is really important and  ...

Step #2: Decide the top 5 priorities.

Now that your goals are in front of you, take some time to see what strikes you as most important. Detach yourself from the, so that your intuition can really speak to you. Something will rise to the top as you look over your list. With those top 5 goals, your next step is ...

Step #3: Make them measurable! 

How do you know you have accomplished your goals? When you complete the numbers! Want to grow your database,? Give it a number. Numbers become your target, and help you make adjustments so you stay on track. Once you have your numbers, be sure to ...

Step #4: Set a Deadline

Deadlines create urgency. Even with our numbers in place, if we do not set a definite time by which we want to accomplish our goals, we will continue to procrastinate taking action in favor of tasks that are easier to do. This action is crucial in order to ...

Step #5: Create daily actions steps

Now you know where you're going, and when you want to arrive. With that in mind, think of all the actions you need to take to reach your target. Break the steps down into small doable tasks that you can accomplish each day. Your confidence and excitement will grow as you move closer to hitting your target!

One final tip: Keep your goals and tasks in front of you daily. Nothing keeps you on track more than seeing what you want every day.

Winning in business is simple but not easy. Just like professional athletes, successful salespeople and entrepreneurs work with coaches to help they achieve their goals. Good coaches keep people on track and help them make adjustments to stay focused on their dreams. And they make time to learn more so they can become more, and earn more!

How about you? What goals and dreams to you have for 2017? How are you going to achieve them? Let me make a suggestion. Consider joining me Jan 31 for my FREE webinar: Kickstart Your Sales in 2017. I'll be sharing tips and systems that helped me achieve my goals in just one year. Not sure it's for you? Click this link for more information.

Happy New Year!