Goals - How to get Real Results

How are things shaping up for you in this New Year? Have you set some new goals? How are you feeling about them?

New Year's Resolutions get a bad rap and rightfully so.Gym memberships go up, diet centres sell more products and people get going but by the end of January, most of us have fallen back in to the old habits we are trying to break .So we resign ourselves to the familiar pattern of failure.

This is a business blog, what do New Year's Resolutions and gym memberships have to do with creating more revenue for your business?  Actually, a lot. Henry Ford says"If you always do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got". Most people get discouraged with goal setting  because they think that just by setting the goal, they will automatically change their habits with no effort. When setbacks arise they quit because they are focused on the wrong way to achieve better results.

There are two kinds of goals we set...

  • Outcome Goals
  • Process Goals

Outcome Goals

Outcome Goals look like this -  "I am going to double my sales this year. I'm going to reach 500 new prospects in the next year" these are specifically results orientated. In the case of our New Year's resolution they would look like losing 20 pounds by the Spring or getting married by the end of June. The challenge with outcome goals is that they can lead to a negative mindset. What I mean is - we know where we want to be and we know where we are at and the gap between the two can demotivate us.

Process Goals

Process Goals, on the other hand focuses on activities we engage in to achieve results. In the case of weight loss we could set a goal of walking 10 minutes a day, increasing it by 5 minutes a week.

In Sales, we can commit to talking to 2 new people a day. Process Goals help us change the habits that keep us from doing what we've always done so that we can get the results we are looking for.

Of Course, sales goals are very important  if you want to grow your business and that is what this blog is about.  To realize success, get another set of eyes to look at your goals with you and to create a plan, I've set  time aside in my schedule for 5 people who are ready to make real progress in sales. If you are ready to see change, click on this link to get my calendar...