My trip to Ireland: Proof Social Media Works!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... Isn't that how fairy tales start? But the truth is, what I'm going to share seemed like a fairy tale, but it's really a dream come true. By building relationships on social media, particularly Twitter, I spent 2 weeks in Ireland visiting people I'd only met 140 characters at a time. Here are some highlights from the trip.

Going to Ireland was very exciting! From Landing at the airport until the return home, it was simply unforgettable! On my way to Dublin, I sent updates to my Irish friends through Facebook and Twitter. On my way to Dublin, I received this photo.

A personal welcome from #Women'sInspire!

For the conference, we stayed at City North Hotel. And for our first foray into Dublin, we had lunch at the Hairy Lemon, another friend through Twitter.

Simon served us at the Hairy Lemon


Speaking at the National Womens Inspire Event in Dublin

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We spent the next day touring the countryside with our lovely host, Samantha Kelly, aka, @tweetinggoddess.

A day to relax in Glendalough

Our stay in a real Irish castle! Killiane Castle Bed and Breakfast

Killiane Castle

A view of Rosslare Harbour

Walking along Rosslare Harbour with Samantha Kelly

In Belfast, at Titanic Experience

Display of the china aboard the Titanic

Trinity College in Dublin

The oldest university in Ireland

EPIC Ireland: A museum about the Irish Diaspora

Billy the Kid had Irish roots!

ChristChurch and Dublinia

The Christ

Our last night in Ireland

Dublin Harbour at Clontarf

If you want to see more, check out my photos at my Facebook Photos

Social media magic starts by connecting with people and building relationships. And building relationships is what paved the way for my trip to Ireland. Want to learn more about the power of sales through 140 character sound bites? Then follow me on Twitter. Click here!