Sales Masters Master the Basics

In martial arts, every time you graduate, move to another level, you don’t forget everything you’ve done. You build on it, but it’s always there. ~Melody Beattie

Becoming a black belt requires practicing fundamentals. To master any skill or craft, you must focus on the basics.

In my black belt training, my instructor made me stand in front of a mirror and practice basic blocks over and over again. As I am advancing in experience in rank, it”s not how well I can do a 720 degree jump round kick but rather how well I execute the basic front kick that makes me a black belt. As a 3rd degree black belt, how smooth and quickly I punch determines how good I am. From the beginning to the end of the technique, the details must be effortless and precise. It’s all about the basics.

Get back to basics!

What are the basics when it comes to sales? Very simply, it’s the sales mountain. First we get the lead, then we set the appointment. At the appointment, we build trust and rapport before identifying customer needs. After identifying customer needs, we share the benefits our prospect will enjoy from our product or service. Now we transition into asking for the order, handling objections and following up. Simple, right? Simple but now easy. Each step requires study and focus in order to master it. At the very foundation of everything we do is the intention to serve. These are the basics we need to focus on when  we are meeting with our prospects.

Improve one step, improve overall

Improvement in one area results in overall improvement. If you are not closing more sales, you may need to work on generating more leads. Concentrate on getting contact information instead of selling your product at a networking event. Follow up with an appointment. The more people you have to talk to, the more chances you have to practice the sales mountain. Your confidence goes up, and you start to close more sales. The concept is pretty simple!

Be patient!

Be patient with yourself. Mastery is a process. To become a master, you must commit to the long term. It takes at least 3 years for a student to be ready to test for black belt. To become a black belt in sales, you must be willing to commit to learning the basics for the long haul. Totally immerse yourself in mastering your craft a little at a time. Watch yourself grow. Success is about the journey as much as the result.

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