The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Have you ever heard that saying? The fortune is in the follow up. 

If that is the case, then what is holding us back? In this blogpost, I will talk about 3 ways you can improve your follow up so that you can move toward your fortune!

Inner GameSales is 90% what we think, and 10 % everything else. Our thoughts and our beliefs determine our actions. So let’s examine our thoughts that hold us back when it comes to following up with a client.

Most people are reluctant to follow up because they tell them selves, “If the person wanted to buy, they would have called me back.” The other reason people tell me they don’t want to follow up is the fear of being a pest.

Let me dispel those myths right away!Myth #1: “If the person wanted to buy, they would have called me back.”TRUTH: We are all very busy! Everyone has good intentions of getting back with you, and they may very well want your product. Life gets in the way. Not only that, but they may have an illness or an unexpected expense. Or they may just be waiting to see if you remembered talking to them. Don’t assume they will call if they want to buy. They will want to buy when you call, so call them back!

Myth #2: “I’m being a pest”Truth: No one wants to be a pest! Right? So how do we follow up with a client gracefully? While I was visiting a friend in a car dealership, he once told me what a wise car salesman told him. He said, “I tell people, ‘I want to stay on your radar but off your back.'” The key to follow up without pestering is to have a script that you have prepared in advance. When you are following up, remember to reestablish rapport when you call. Rapport reduces any sales resistance your prospect may have, and establishes that this is a friendly call.

Myth #3: “What if they tell me they are not interested?”

Truth: That could be true today. However, ask if it would be alright to call in another 3 months. Ask them for a good time and day to check back with them. Or offer to send them a free gift for their time. There are a number of ways to stay in contact, and lots of people will accept free gifts.

The key to making this happen is to create a follow up system. Using a system, you can track who you have called, what you said and anything you need to get back with them about. Do you have a follow up system? Would you like help? That’s what I am here for! Comment below and ask for my free “Contact Follow Up” form. I will be happy to send it to you. Remember the Fortune is in the Follow up!